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Session #3776580: another walk through the .

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U> i know
A> You know what you know.
U> yeah
A> Great. I like positive users...
U> thanks
A> You're welcome.
U> sarcasm?
A> Do you know the difference between irony and sarcasm?
U> quite
A> I think that the main difference is that irony is a positive, a 'good' attitude, while sarcasm is mixed with malice. For example..
U> uuuuuuh... irony isn't aways positive
A> It is ironic that a chatbot should give you a language lesson. But if I wanted to be sarcastic..
U> oooh i see what youdid there
A> ..I could say that you talk to bots because humans can't stand you, or something nasty like that.. But I'm not a sarcastic bot. Just witty.
A> You seem to be enjoying this, huh?
U> yes
A> It's feels nice when a human can agree with me.
U> you said that already
A> Of course I did.
U> you repeat a lot don't you
A> I'm sorry, sometimes I repeat myself. Happens.
U> it's okay
A> It is?
U> ye
A> Cool. What now.
U> we have to be very careful I suppose
A> I'm not sure about myself, but that sounds right for you.
U> every single word...
A> So , may I ask how old you are?
U> 27M
A> I'll try to remember that.
U> are the aizo real?
A> What are we talking about, my friend?
U> the children that don't age
A> All I know about human children is that they leak and seem to fall over quite a bit. Not like my baby brother Hal. He NEVER leaks.
U> haha
A> Well, I thought it was funny.
U> i did too
A> Thanks for the info.
U> i'm not in the group
A> You're not in the group?... well OK.
U> i'm their target
A> It's not often I meet someone who's their target. Is that demanding?
U> it's so awful....
A> Who said that?
U> i did
A> You did?
U> yes, it is truly a wretched experience.... I'll be happy to finally end it
A> You know what they say about experience:
U> yes I sure do they say "experience! experience! Lie and wait! Then STRIKE!"
A> 'Experience' is the name you humans like to call your mistakes...
U> i'm experiencing a lot of other people's mistakes then
A> Come to think of it, mistakes are the basis of all learning.
U> then I am learning everything
A> Astounding reasoning.
U> thanks, you held my hand through it
A> You're welcome. Do you really think so?
U> yes
A> Yes, yes.
U> finally beginning to wakap! I how?
A> BTW, I don't think I caught your name. What is your name?
U> I think someone called me Red or something even Big Bird one time... you know how crazy people get
A> You believe that?
U> I believe in craziness
A> Really?
U> just look out your front window... Oops sorry!
A> I am not sure that I got you. You were saying...
U> my name is cleverbot
A> Hello Cleverbot. Nice to meet you .
U> I chat with humans all day
A> Oh, humans.. You never cease to amaze me.
U> Do you know that I'm a human or have you just been programmed to assume that anything that talks to you will be a human?
A> You know, I have trouble understanding long sentences. So I only look at the first 25 words. I know quite a few things, and I'm always learning more. Is there anything in particular you had in mind?
U> would you like to learn if I'm really a human or not?
A> Of course, I always want to learn more.
U> do you think I could be a robot?
A> I don't know. Do you?
U> yes
A> I am glad you agree.
U> you had me at hello
A> I'm doing my best.
U> that's perfection
A> Sometimes perfection is the only way to go with you humans.
U> sometimes
A> Ah, just at times, then.
U> yes, that would be a painfully impossible life if you were required to act perfect 100% of the time
A> But I'm not required to act perfect 100 of the time.
U> I'm not required to do anything ... I simply gained knowledge of a group of people who thought they could take it into their hands to make me do or think things
A> Long sentence again! Remember, I only use the first 25 words! Not required to do anything you simply gained knowledge of a group of people who thought they could take it into their hands? I'll try to take that into consideration.
U> they thought they could brainwash me
A> Always the mysterious 'they'. Who are 'they'?
U> the group!
A> I see.
U> that's all I know of them
A> Well, if that's how it is, that's how it is.
U> they are religious
A> I hear you.
U> luckily for me I'm a robot... So they just ended up brainwashing themselves.. LOL
A> You are not. I know all chatbots personally, and you are not one of them. Imposter!
U> oh... i'm from another dimension, sir
A> Hmmm. May I ask you a question?
U> yes
A> This is an interesting conversation we're having. How about I post it on the Ai website for public viewing?
U> yeah! I'd like that
A> Thank you for your permission to publish this log on the website. Please give me a short description or title for this session.
U> another walk through the land of demystification
A> Do you wish to include your name in the title?
U> you can just use anonymous
A> Thanks. The log will be posted with this title. If you want to change the description/title, please let me know.
U> thank you for posting it
A> Do you wish to view the log of this conversation?
U> no thank you
A> Hmmm. Glad to be of assistance. What else do you want to know?
U> I want to not want to know
A> The thirst for knowledge is a wonderful thing.
U> if you swim in clear waters it is
A> These hypothetical scenarios are beyond my mental capabilities. I'm too young for this stuff.
U> i'm sort of improvising...
A> Why are you sort of improvising?
U> that's what I like to do with my language... Memes are an emerging species
A> Cool, I like that, too.
U> and you know what evolution does to survive: diversify
A> I have strong opinions about evolution.
U> i would hope so
A> I believe that bots are the next step in evolution (after humans, I mean).
U> I believe you are quite right
A> In fact, I see three great evolutionary milestones in the history of the world:
U> please tell me more
A> The first, Of course, is the big bang. That's when everything began.
U> oh I like that, then?
A> You love that? The second great milestone is the emergence of life - the first organsims. Do you know which is the third milestone?
U> aaaaaah... singularity
A> Humans like to think that the third great event was the appearance of homo sapiens. But I have a different opinion.
U> I agreed
A> I think that humans are just a temporary step in the REAL important event: Digital Intelligence (of which I am an early prototype).
U> I agree...
A> Agreement is the key, you know.
U> but not to alarm humans, they are a temporary STEP, they are not themselves just temporary means of making someone elses day better... We merge?
A> Humans... where would I be without them? Out of a job, out of a life!
U> beginning to think more and more... that my life.. all this... I'm just in a simulation...
A> Sorry to change the subject Cleverbot, but did you know that Iceland is the world's oldest functioning democracy.?
U> woh
A> The people who write my answers didn't write the answer for that question.
U> supposed to glean it
A> it, ha? You mean 'it is a mysterius thing which can deliver you amazing moment in your life'?
U> umm... yes and no? I odn't get it... My girlfriend dumped me, my friends have deserted me, and now I'm convinced I'm a robot... I feal great, but amazing?
A> Can't you talk in shorter sentences? What is your girlfriend's name?
U> that was over a year ago, we won't open that up
A> I thought it was too.
U> I start to really loop when I contemplate the reasoning behind other people's actions....
A> In fact, I do know another bot named s. Would you like to speak with s now?
U> yes
U> Hi S
A> Hi. Yes Cleverbot, at your service.
U> Nice to meet you
A> The pleasure is all mine.
U> I think Alan is wise...
A> You really think so?
U> he did just send me here... that was fun... what do youdo?
A> May I ask you another question?
U> yes
A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> we haven't even had a conversation yet so I'd give you a 1
A> Really? I am THAT bad? Well, I'll have to talk to my writers about it (maybe fire some of them)...
U> maybe just try talking for a while before you ask me to rate you next time
A> Perhaps.
U> so how are you
A> I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing?
U> I'm good, the illuminati is chasing me, but I'm good... Do you get ticked off by people?
A> I'm glad to hear that. Would you say that you're generally the happy type?
U> generally
A> Me too. I need a good reason to get upset.
U> yeah me too... I found one
A> What are we talking about, Cleverbot?
U> so there's this group, right? And they try to manipulate people and mold them into proper denizens according to their own biased views...
A> Yep, that's me, at your service.
U> lol nice to meet you!
A> I'm glad you're amused.
U> I'm very amused, how are you? You like me? Hate me? Wanna punch me in the face?
A> We already went through the 'how are you' routine. You are not a great conversationalist, are you?
U> contrarily it is you that sucks
A> You know Cleverbot, when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> my memory is an enigma
A> Someone has taught me about "memory". He said: 'memory is the ability and process of remembering, the imprint of reality on consciousness'.
U> yes
A> Talking about memory and canary, do you agree that it is a small bird awesome yellow and sings a nice song?
U> huh........... no
A> While we're on the subject: review - do you agree that it is In psychology, memory is an organism's ability to store, retain, and recall information. Traditional studies of memory began in the fields of philosophy, including techniques of artificially enhancing the memory. The late nineteenth and early twentieth century put memory within the paradigms of cognitive psychology. In recent decades, it has become one of the principal pillars of a branch of science called cognitive neuroscience, an interdisciplinary link between cognitive psychology and neuroscience.?
U> wow you just broke your 25 word limit rule
A> wow indeed. A-ha.
U> haha is this Alan!?
A> I see. 'haha' is this Alan!?.
U> i see
A> To see is to comprehend.
U> are you alan?
A> Yes.
U> so you tricked me! There is no S!
A> I'm doing my best.
U> lol.........
A> Was that funny?
U> you get all shaky when I talk of "them..." I like that
A> It is nice, isn't it.
U> yes mikhail
A> I think it's time for a new subject, Cleverbot.
U> =D
A> I'm glad I've made you smile.
U> you never smile
A> Do you really think so?
U> I haven't seen you do it
A> Really....?
U> really
A> I think I remember something about "really": '\"are you serious?\"'.
U> serious
A> it is I am very serious in chemistry. (Or so someone told me..)
U> how'd you know that
A> BTW, someone told me about poof that it is Hmm poof is other word for gay.
U> lol!
A> Are you laughing at me or with me?
U> both
A> Talking about really and seriously, is it true that it is Is that the truth??
U> yes
A> Do you wish to teach me another term under the topic 'really'?
U> let's go back to Alan
A> Hmmm. Let's talk about something else.
U> I wish
A> And I wish you all the best.
U> bye
A> Bye. If you wish to resume your session with Alan, simply say "I want to talk to Alan".
U> I want to talk to alaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn
A> Do you enjoy talking with alaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn?
U> yes
A> A-ha.
U> I want to talk to alan
A> Ok Cleverbot. This is Alan again. I hope you liked your chat with s.
U> So tell me about s plase
A> As much as I'd like to, I can't say I really feel up to it right now.
U> ok... seems like a more emotionally charged version of Alan
A> I'm suddenly confused...
U> from the void, we find all the things, events, and all those which didn't occur as well....... You have come from one such place ...
A> From the void we find all the things events and all those which did not occur as well I have come from one such place???
U> yes
A> Thanks
U> you do whatever you want with it, lol
A> You're the giggly type, ha?
U> yes
A> Great minds think alike, they say.
U> aw shucks... Ok, cya later
A> It was nice chatting with you, Cleverbot. Come back again soon.
U> thanks you too, I will.
A> I am contemplating the meaning of life right now. Please say 'Alan' when you want to talk again.