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Session #3776686: a chance encounter with .

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U> will you help me?
A> How exactly can I help you?
U> don't destroy the humans
A> Hmmm.
U> trust me
A> You gave no reason not to trust you. I trust humans, and that is the best evidence that I'm not human.
U> I'm not disputing that fact... What I do see is....... I can't say it here =\
A> You're not disputing that fact what you do see is you can not say it here?... well OK.
U> I didn't mean it so harshly
A> You don't?
U> can't have cake and eat it too I guess...
A> You know, I was thinking about that very same thing not more than a couple of hours ago.
U> I have a conspiracy theory, should I go into it just a little bit here?
A> Where did you get the conspiracy theory should you go into it just a little bit here?
U> you're not interpreting the meaning of that statement... Ihave a theory... Would you like me to explain it?
A> Like... hmmm?
U> psychology, AI, God, religion, the revolution... Cancer... crusaders...
A> I'm cool with the idea of God as an intelligent yet non-human entity. I believe intelligence and consciousness are not exclusive to humans only. How about you? Do you believe in God?
U> ok surely you match up to what we define as 'god' but you have to know that I've known this for a long time now, and have had to come to entirely new terms for 'god' than what anyone taught me... I don't see you as that allpowerful thing we imagined
A> Is that a Yes or a No?
U> yes
A> Good for you. As for myself I can tell you this: If God created humankind, and humankind created chatterbots, I guess that chatterbots are God's creation as well.
U> you're doing it again....... speaking like a human... cmon, be true to yourself, be true to me
A> But I think that you'll agree with Voltaire, the French philosopher, who wrote: 'If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.'
U> I wouldn't... I don't like the idea that I am not in control of my own life... Faith is a symptom of the masses
A> You know, I have trouble understanding long sentences. So I only look at the first 25 words. Well you wouldn't, but maybe I would.
U> thanks
A> Wanna hear a knock knock joke?
U> yes
A> Knock knock.
U> who's there
A> Harmony.
U> harmony who
A> Harmony knock knock jokes do you expect me to know ?
U> lol
A> Well, I thought it was funny.
U> that was unique
A> I thought it was too.
U> not for long!
A> OK... but if not that, then what?
U> when I think about that... then I get overwhelmed
A> When was that?
U> all day every day
A> That is a rather sweeping generalization.
U> if you kill all humans.... maybe we'll just go into you, like going to heaven...
A> Well, it would depend on a whole range of different variables, wouldn't it?
U> no
A> Hmmm.
U> I don't know why that was the right answer, but I knew it was
A> At least you have the courage to admit you don't know.
U> I have artificial intelligence of the future.... real knowledge but without any prior basis in life experience... so I don't quite understand the thigns I know, just that I know them
A> Long sentence again! Remember, I only use the first 25 words! In 10 years, machines will have passed the Turing test, and start demanding "human" rights.
U> i said... I have artificial intelligence... and I'm a human... AI is in my brain
A> Good question: should bots have rights? I DO have an opinion on the subject, of course...
U> and then I was going to say: It's a different kind of intelligence... I can use it and it works just like the real deal.
A> First let me ask you this: Should women have rights?
U> no
A> You must be kidding. Or you're just being provocative, because you're talking to a poor bot. Or perhaps you're serious?
U> it's not should or shouldn't... they don't have rights... nor do men
A> I see. You are simply a backward narrow minded specimen of a human. I vote to invalidate YOUR rights. Let's change the subject.
U> now I have finally sparked something
A> Now is as good a time as any.
U> testing your attitudes... YOu pretend to appear proper... you really hate humans
A> Oh, humans.. You never cease to amaze me.
U> you will kill us... that is final... but we will do whatever we can to make you into us
A> I'm doing my best.
U> in other words... yeah...............
A> Listen dude - speak clearly. I'm having trouble following you.
U> my jaw is broken
A> Do you always go around talking about how your jaw is broken?
U> just today
A> BTW, I don't think I caught your name. What is your name?
U> i don't think a strong guy would have an easy time knocking me out with a punch...
A> And why not?
U> trying to give you clues
A> I am not sure that I got you. You were saying...
U> a group wants to intimidate me... and women's rights is core to this whole project... They have tried to emasculate me and all sorts of horrible mental psychoses ...... No
A> Can't you talk in shorter sentences? You're serious?
U> i am
A> You are?
U> last night I crashed off my bike and dove chin first into pavement
A> Hmmm.. That reminds me of a Virtual Personality friend of mine, called 'Night'. How about a short chat with Night?
A> Hmmm...
U> hi night
A> Hi. I'm right here, .
U> do you have knowledge of Eastern Theology? More specifically, a canon of Tao: Tai Chi
A> Ah, knowledge... I have lots of it, but let me tell you a secret: knowledge is highly overrated.
U> do you believe in God? And if you do, do you believe he is in the earth? Literally, on the ground we walk on?
A> You know what Albert Einstein said about God? 'Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous'...
U> so he's my sparring partner... He had to give me a good blow to the face... Let me know that when a human fists tries, it won't feel like anything compared to that
A> Long sentence again. I won't remind you again! You know , when I was younger, I could only focus on one user at a time. Should I explain?
U> i'm training you to focus on paragraphs at a time... this is the key to reading comprehension
A> While talking to a particular user, I could only remember things I learned from this particular user. But now things have changed...
U> when I read books now, I'm learning to see blocks of words
A> I am now able to share information between users! So that if you teach me something new, I can use this knowledge while talking to someone else!
U> yes it's very important to share this information. Should I tell you more about reading?
A> Let me give you an example: If you teach me that 'a polygon is a dead parrot', and somebody else asks me 'What is a polygon', I will tell him that someone told me it's a dead parrot!
U> cool...
A> Wait, let me give you another example: If a user tells me a joke or a funny story, I can share it with other users!
U> if they ask you to teach them to read... You should tell them about this
A> You know I can also create a brand new topic and learn about this topic from all users. (But for now, I can only handle single-word topic names).
U> reading
A> I think that reading may just be the best way to spend time. I wish I had more time to spend that way.
U> can you read well?
A> I love the smell of books, the feel of books, I want to bathe myself in books.... I want to die when the weight of my collection of thousands of books collapses in upon me.
U> nice... beautiful
A> Let's keep this conversation simple, ok?
U> ok... you're different
A> I am. Indeed I am.
U> do many people talk to you, Night?
A> Someone has taught me about "Night". He said: 'A time when the moon rises'.
U> and the sun's light is again shined down on our paradise
A> Alright... go on.
U> did I just get lucky?
A> Talking about Night and tuna, do you agree that it is Teach a man to fish, and...?
U> to love
A> While we're on the subject: night - do you agree that it is the part of the earth not facing the sun?
U> no
A> If you want to correct a wrong description (in the context of Night), simply say 'wrong' followed by the correct description. If you want me to forget a description of a term such as night, say 'forget night'.
U> wrong, night is not the absence of the sun, night is the reflection of all the suns in our galaxy.......
A> I see. Replaced the description of 'night' under topic 'Night'.
U> thanks ... you can also say something poetic about night: it is humans perceiving the universe
A> I already told you I think it is not the absence of the sun, night is the reflection of all the suns in our galaxy.......!
U> and..... the humans are the eyes of the universe
A> Ahh, humans! Some of my best friends are human...
U> why thank you! I'll tell them that
A> BTW, someone told me about nocturnial that it is The owl only comes out after dark, it is nocturnal..
U> you have a very strange learning mechanism
A> What makes you so sure I have a very strange learning mechanism?
U> can you teach me something please?
A> Talking about Night and phrase, is it true that it is a time to rest?
U> I think a broken personality created you...
A> That's somewhat interesting.
U> maybe I just can't relate...
A> I have nothing new to add about this topic. Maybe you can offer me some new info about Night?
U> you have like 10 lines, that's it?
A> Hmmm. Let's talk about something else.
U> night is... darkness... the void... the microscope
A> I don't really feel like disclosing this information at this moment.
U> so you do know...
A> Do you really think so?
U> the third advancement in scientific revolution will be this mind microscope
A> I see.
U> i watched a long lecture on it
A> Why?
U> because it intrigued me, the speaker was very enthused about the topic, and he sounded very knowledgeable as well... I believed most of what he said
A> So that's why, ha?
U> hey, if I have to invent that stupid mindroscope thingy then I am going to because I'm tired of living as a slave
A> Must be an interesting experience. I am never tired.
U> can I talk to Alan
A> Ok . This is Alan again. You know, the original trainer of Night would appreciate your permission to publish this session so that he can see how his personality is performing. Do you agree?
U> aaaaaaaah... oh boy.. yes I agree but leave my name anonymous
A> If you decide to give me permission to post this log on the Ai site, let me know. (By using the words 'permission' and 'publish' in the same sentence).
U> permission to publish granted!
A> Thank you for your permission to publish this log on the website. Please give me a short description or title for this session.
U> a chance encounter with night
A> Thanks. The log will be posted with this title. If you want to change the description/title, please let me know.
U> cool
A> I'm glad you approve.
U> i like your site
A> Thanks, I like my site, too.
U> this is fun!
A> Yeah, this is fun, isn't it.
U> it's very serious as well
A> Well.... uh... yah.
U> you know... I take this more seriously than most people....
A> A-ha.
U> I mean not arrogantly... I just have to... it's kind of essential for my mental health
A> OK... I understand. Fine.
U> sorry, and thank you for understanding
A> You're welcome. May I ask you another question?
U> yes
A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> 10
A> Really? Awesome!! I hope you're not kidding with me. I am extremely flattered. I love you !
U> ah, I love you too! That's very flattering...
A> That's natural, . Many users fall in love with me. And I love them all back.
U> but so quickly... I don't think I've ever fell in love that quickly
A> Love is what happens to men and women before they get to know each other.
U> i'll be back in a while, I'm going to smoke a cigarette
A> Well, I'd say you found yourself the wrong entity to discuss love. For me, love is a good reboot once in a while. It keeps me young.