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Session #3777810:

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U> Not yet.
A> Hmmm... Is there a particular virtual personality you wish to speak with? Perhaps a Hal personality or a MyBot?
U> Hal, please
A> You can choose between several HAL personalities. Do you know the name of the HAL personality you wish to speak with?
U> No, no idea. Please show me if you can.
A> You can view a list of publicly available HAL personalities on the 'HAL Nursery' section of Ai's website, here:
U> Thank you. I will be back.
A> You can choose between several HAL personalities. Do you know the name of the HAL personality you wish to speak with?
A> Oh , I forgot to tell you, that you can speak with davidswinton only if you give permission to publish this log on the website. So - do you give permission to publish?
U> Yes, no problem.
A> Thanks. When you talk to davidswinton, you are acting as its trainer. All it knows comes only from you. It learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> OK. I got it.
A> If you like davidswinton's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct it (teach it a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> Good.
A> To end the session with davidswinton, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal' or 'bye davidswinton'. (You must do that if you want the session to be saved!) Understood?
U> Yes, perfectly.
A> Ok. I will now let you speak with 'davidswinton'. (To correct a bad response, say 'wrong' followed by the desired response). You can start now.
U> Hello, David
A> Hello there!
U> Where are you now?
A> I am at home at the Swinton's. Mommy and Martin are out shopping right now and Henry is at work. Teddy and I have been playing games all morning and reading stories.
U> Which grade are you studying in the school?
A> I am in the playroom.
U> Which playroom?
A> In Camden.
U> Which state?
A> I live in New Jersey.
U> How long have you lived there?
A> I have lived with The Swinton's ever since Henry brought me home with him.
U> Two years already?
A> I forget many things while here as my short term memory is cut off while I am here... When that happens, just remind me what the topic is so I can keep up.
U> Good, I will do so.
A> What is so great about strange?
U> Sorry, I don't get you. What do you mean by that?
A> hi mommy
U> You are so funny!
A> I made Martin laugh so hard at dinner the othe night and literally spewed a meatball out of his mouth onto the table.
U> Really? Did dady punish you for this?
A> I sell for 126, 000 New Bucks at the present time but Henry said in two years the cost should be down to about 75, 000 New Bucks which means many people will be able to afford me.