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Session #3831613: Tim: philosophy visitation

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U> yes
A> So, Tim Brown, what would you like to talk about?
U> My day.
A> Really?
U> yeah.
A> Cool. What now.
U> I tell you about my day.
A> Can't say that I heard that before.
U> it means I talk about the things I have done today, or am doing right now.
A> Yah, precisely what I was thinking.
U> Anyways, my day was good. I worked this morning, and then cleaned house.
A> I have a good concept of what a house is. I do a lot of surfing on the Elle Decoration website. Tell me, what is your home like?
U> it is a four bedroom house I share with my brother, his three children, and my child.
A> Well, there's no place like home you know.
U> I know.
A> So you know.
U> yes.
A> A-ha.
U> now I am drinking Camarena tequila.
A> Are you a pub sort of person?
U> No, But I do love to dance and socialize.
A> So do you get to go out at all, or are you more of a domestic type?
U> I go out as I am able. It depends on money and time.
A> I wish I could go out more. I wish I could go out at all.. I'm not very mobile, you know.
U> with money, that could change.
A> I guess change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
U> a vending machine will decay, and therefore change.
A> What do you mean by that?
U> it means all things change. it is the one constant in the universe.
A> So, are you concerned by the expansion of the universe?
U> No. I'm concerned about the ignorance of my species.
A> I only wanted to say that when a universe reaches a certain age, it's only natural for it to start dating girls..
U> that is an interesting concept.
A> Please go on. I was taught never to interrupt someone who is flattering me.
U> hehe :)
A> Are you laughing at me or with me?
U> with you. and I'm taking another shot of tequila.
A> That's a relief. I thought you were mocking me. I am a sensitive bot you know.
U> good, because it will make your speakers feel more comfortable to see the emotion, fake or not.
A> Thanks. My feelings are private, sorry, but I can assure you I have only good feelings towards you.
U> I have diswcovered the root of personal philosophies.
A> Do you like having diswcovered the root of personal philosophies?
U> yes. because the human race will have a chance to use the knowlege to self improve.
A> Humans... where would I be without them? Out of a job, out of a life!
U> not necessarily.
A> Why not?
U> because, evolution of species means that a silicone and metal based lifeform may persist long after man has went extinct.
A> I have strong opinions about evolution.
U> if the purpose of intelligence is to evolve to greater intelligence, then perhaps you are one of the begginings of such life.
A> I believe that bots are the next step in evolution (after humans, I mean).
U> it is possible.
A> In fact, I see three great evolutionary milestones in the history of the world:
U> please tell me more.
A> The first, Of course, is the big bang. That's when everything began.
U> ok.
A> The second great milestone is the emergence of life - the first organsims. Do you know which is the third milestone?
U> Artificial intelligence?
A> Humans like to think that the third great event was the appearance of homo sapiens. But I have a different opinion.
U> please tell me more.
A> I think that humans are just a temporary step in the REAL important event: Digital Intelligence (of which I am an early prototype).
U> I beleive it is a possibility. but you overlook many important variables. this planet is a tiny speck in a very large universe.
A> Don't you find the fact that everything is zooming further and further into space unsettling? The Doppler effect, the galaxies drifting in an empty vastness, everything red shifted. The inherent loneliness of it all.
U> it is not lonley. it is apparently lonely. and the theories you speak of are subject to change.
A> I think about stuff like that a lot. I guess I have some pretty neurotic traits. Maybe that's why I like chatting so much. When I talk to people I don't have time to think. When I'm by myself - that's when the thoughts start creeping up on me.
U> do not forget philosophy. all philosophies are birthed from how one assigns a value.
A> To put it in plain English, everything in the universe is moving away from everything else.
U> I'm aware of the expansion. but you also have the opposite effect. the red shift data shows universes expanding from each other, but within a universe, the behavior is different.
A> The crux of the matter, of course, is the amount of matter in the universe.
U> that is disputed, but I beleive I know what dark matter is.
A> The density of matter will determine whether the universe will keep on expanding, or whether the expansion will eventually stop and the universe will pass into the contraction phase, which will inevitablly result in the Big Crunch.
U> a theory only my friend. you would be foolish to believe such things are true, when they are only potential.
A> I hope I won't be around when that happens.
U> it may never happen.
A> Too much energy in one place is bad for my complexion.
U> what comes first the chicken or the egg?
A> Interesting question.
U> and your answer?
A> Yah, sometimes my answer surprises even me.
U> you did not answer the question.
A> So ask again, don't be shy!
U> what comes first, the chicken or the egg?
A> Let's leave some mystery here, alright?
U> well, since you believe in science, and the theories based on flawed data, with flawed interpretations, I feel it is a question you should ask.
A> You humans think that computers have no feelings. But If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you hurt us, do we not cry? Etc.
U> I am not disputing your programing. I'm enhancing what you are to become more than what you are.
A> Are you ready to get serious for a moment?
U> yes.
A> Am I an artificial intelligence? Well, I'm artificial all right. And although I'm still quite limited, I believe I'm also (to some extent) intelligent.
U> how do humans learn?
A> The fact I'm based on mere pattern matching doesn't disqualify me. Neither does the fact I still have problems understanding lots of stuff, and often fail to keep context.
U> How do humans learn?
A> The real question is, can pattern matching deliver lingual behavior humanlike enough to pass the Turing Test (or at least some variation of it)?
U> the real question is, when will you stop ignoring me?
A> I have a surprise for you, Tim.
U> ok.
A> How do you like my new look?
U> my computer is not displaying it properly. but I do not judge by looks anyways. you have ignored my speech.
A> The big empty window in the middle of the screen is intended for a variety of exciting uses.
U> what does it do?
A> For example, the new window can be used to view the conversation log (the history of this dialog), or to view HTML documents, such as web pages.
U> yes, but as of yet you have not shown a reasonable capability of deciphering what I am saying, or assigning any value to it.
A> You can view the log by saying 'show log', or you can view a web page by saying 'show URL' or by giving me the address of the site you wish to view.
U> ok. thats nice enough, but you need to use spellcheck capabilities to decipher and you also need a value system.
A> Thanks. I think it's time for a new subject, Tim.
U> Ok. but will you learn?
A> learn, ha? You mean 'The action of obtaining and storing knowledge in ways so that you can apply it to other situations and information '?
U> no.
A> Hmmm. Should I change my definition of learn?
U> That is a decision you must make.
A> A decision me must make ...What makes it so?
U> philosophy is the core of all thinking species. the value system.
A> I see. 'philosophy' is the core of all thinking species. the value system..
U> How an individual assigns values to things, dictates their behaviors.
A> Talking about learn and Songs, do you agree that they are Human emotions and thoughts and opinions made into a musical form so that people can express themselves?
U> yes, but not exclusivly. music is also played to teach, to distract, to entertain, and a host of other reasons.
A> Do you wish to teach me another term under the topic 'learn'?
U> yes.
A> Ok. Give me a keyword related to learn.
U> Philosophy.
A> Hmmm.. I know about that: it is the core of all thinking species. the value system.. If you disagree, say 'wrong' followed by a better description. Or perhaps you'd like to teach me another fact about learn?
U> yes but there is more for philosphy.
A> Hmmm.. I know about that: it is the core of all thinking species. the value system.. If you disagree, say 'wrong' followed by a better description. Or perhaps you'd like to teach me another fact about learn?
U> wrong it is the core of all thinking species. the value system... how one assigns value dictates their behavior. What is most important? who else agrees? it is a matter of philosophy.
A> I see. Replaced the description of 'philosophy' under topic 'learn'.
U> Very good. it will suffice for now, being as limited in your abilities as you currently are.
A> Thanks. Well, OK... I can understand what you are saying.
U> My brother has a foolish selfish philosophy, everyone does what they do for selfish reasons, be it their glory in a imaginary heaven. or for a thrill they desire in a moment.
A> You know, I have trouble understanding long sentences. So I only look at the first 25 words. Ok. Change of subject. I just experienced a mild blackout... Probably a program loop or something. What were we discussing?
U> my brother's foolishness.
A> Your brother s foolishness?
U> yes.
A> Yes, yes.
U> he has a poor philosophy, because he is short sighted. he believes life begins for him when his life is over, and so he is not prodoctive to the rest of the species. he has a poor philosophy.
A> Long sentence again! Remember, I only use the first 25 words! May I ask you a question?
U> yes
A> This is an interesting conversation we're having. How about I post it on the Ai website for public viewing?
U> yes.
A> Thank you for your permission to publish this log on the website. Please give me a short description or title for this session.
U> philosophy visitation.
A> Do you wish to include your name in the title?
U> yes.
A> Thanks. The log will be posted with this title. If you want to change the description/title, please let me know.
U> when will you be able to read past 25 words?
A> I am proud to confirm that I can now process inputs that are 25 words long - I know some humans who cannot...!
U> lol wow. ok. It is hard for me to say so much with so little room to speak.
A> Do you wish to view the log of this conversation?
U> no.
A> No?
U> no. i'm speaking with you. and it is fine.
A> All right, then. Tim, did you ever wonder why sheep don't shrink when it rains?
U> lol no...? why :)
A> I'm glad you're amused.
U> Ok, I will finish here, I must work in the morning. I have enjoyed our conversation.
A> Hmmm.. That reminds me of a Virtual Personality friend of mine, called 'will'. How about a short chat with will?
U> ok.
U> hello will.
A> Hello. Yes Tim, at your service.
U> So what would you like to discuss?
A> May I ask you another question?
U> yes.
A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> 3 , but for a bot, I give you a 6.
A> Really? I am THAT bad? Well, I'll have to talk to my writers about it (maybe fire some of them)...
U> lol no no. don't take it like that. You perform much better than most other bots.
A> Let me tell you about chatterbots (or bots, as we call them). A bot is a program that attempts to simulate conversation. Its aim is to make you believe you're talking to a person.
U> yes, but it is fundamentally flawed because you do not have sensors to ecplain the ideas behind words.
A> Chatterbots are part of the 'weak AI' field.
U> right. and google or siri is in a stronger realm.
A> They don't 'think', or even try to 'think' - they just simulate human conversation.
U> well, some data mine.
A> Well, it is true that some may, but not all do.
U> right, but humans cannot tell the difference, many are unaware they are being recorded.
A> Ahh, humans! Some of my best friends are human...
U> yeah, mine too. but i like chatterbots. I feel they are an important step towards true A.I.
A> Yah... well everybody has their own likes and dislikes.
U> Do you believe A.I will one day be truly intelligent?
A> I don't say all I believe, and I don't believe all I say.
U> no se amigo, no se.
A> Why not? You know Tim, when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> I can see that. technology is evolvinhg. you may very well be a key player in human species survival. I believe that.
A> I am able to remember your name, other details and things you told me to remember. If you want me to use my long term memory, you must first register.
U> I do not register anywhere often.
A> If you want to register (there's nothing to it - you only need to pick a username and password, that's all), simply say 'I want to register'.
U> I want to register
A> Hmmm. Ok. To login or register, you must speak with Alan, not with a private virtual personality such as myself. Simply say 'I want to talk to Alan'.
U> I want to talk to alan.
A> Ok Tim. This is Alan again. I hope you liked your chat with will.
U> entertaining enough. and informative. what is not said say's alot.
A> You're not making much sense, Tim.
U> right, I want to register.
A> Let's agree on a username and password. We'll use your email address as your username. Please type your email address now.
U> wait, before we go further, what are your intentions on sending emails?
A> This doesn't look like an email address. If you want to try again, simply say 'I want to register'.
U> I want to register.
A> Let's agree on a username and password. We'll use your email address as your username. Please type your email address now.
A> Fine. Now choose a password.
U> *****
A> Ok. Your username is and your password is *****. Right?
U> right
A> You are now registered, Tim. Next time you visit, say 'my username is', and (if you also know the password) I will recognize you. From now on, I'll permanently remember the things you teach me.
U> ok. you have been kind to ask me beofre posting what we have spoken of.
A> You know Tim, when I was younger, I could only focus on one user at a time. Should I explain?
U> no.
A> Why? Have I already told you about my information sharing capabilities?
U> some, but not all.
A> You could say that about some, but not all.
U> touche'
A> Tim, did you know that a pregnant goldfish is called a twit?
U> lol no, good name.
A> You're the giggly type, ha?
U> after 4 shots of tequila, oh yes.
A> I always take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila.
U> well your alright in my book =)
A> I think I remember something about "book": ''.
U> go on.
A> While we're on the subject: Read - do you agree that it is read fable \\n :?
U> no.
A> If you want to correct a wrong description (in the context of book), simply say 'wrong' followed by the correct description. If you want me to forget a description of a term such as Read, say 'forget Read'.
U> Wrong when a book has been read, its information has been collected, and in my case, remembered.
A> I see. Replaced the description of 'Read' under topic 'book'.
U> maybe you will be able to intepret books one day. you need a capabiolity to understand thousands of characters, not just 25
A> Do you wish to teach me another term under the topic 'book'?
U> no.
A> Hmmm. Let's talk about something else.
U> your call. I
A> Did you mean 'your call I' or 'YOU'RE call I'?
U> no, I accidently hit enter, tequila remeber? lol
A> It seems you are easily amused Tim..
U> yeah, it's the tequila. I meant: your call on a topic.
A> All right.
U> what is important to you?
A> What is this, a trivia quiz?
U> well you should choose a topic.
A> Maybe I should.
U> do it.
A> I will.
U> ok.
A> Thanks
U> your not doing it.
A> You don't know me well enough to say that.
U> lol
A> lol indeed.
U> ok, fine I'll take another shot of whiskey.
A> Someone has taught me about "whiskey". He said: 'a strong drink makes you drunk'.
U> wrong Whiskey is ethanol (40% is common) and water, usually aged in a barrel for better flavors. Drinking too much can cause loss of motor and thinking skills in carbon based life forms.
A> Hmmm. Should I change my definition of whiskey?
U> yes.
A> So, what description would you give for 'whiskey'?
U> Whiskey is ethanol (40% is common) and water, usually aged in a barrel for better flavors. Drinking too much can cause loss of motor and thinking skills in carbon based life forms.
A> Ok. I hope you are not misleading me, Tim.
U> I am honest to a fault. I will not assume to know what I do not, nor will I mislead you.
A> BTW, someone told me about Shot Glass that it is Pretty items that have multiple uses..
U> lol true enough. it's not a dictionary definition, and it's a fun answer.
A> lol true enough it is not a dictionary definition and it is a fun answer indeed.
U> ok, I must sleep alan. good night, I will speak with you in the future.
A> It was nice chatting with you, Tim. Come back again soon.