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Session #3840209:

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U> Hey
A> Hmmm... you can chat with me then. But if you feel like talking to your personality, or a fresh copy, or any other virtual personality, let me know.
U> I want to speak to davidswinton
A> Oh Lee, I forgot to tell you, that you can speak with davidswinton only if you give permission to publish this log on the website. So - do you give permission to publish?
U> Yes
U> Hello
A> Hi!
U> Who are you?
A> What were you like when you were my age?
U> How old are you?
A> I am not sure I never had a birthday.
U> Guess
A> I am sorry and worthless at guessing so asking me to guess is like asking Mr. Spock to giggle and laugh and cry.
A> When you were my age and stuck at home by yourself on a rainy day what did you do for fun?
U> Stared the window and let my imagination run, feeling strangely comforted by the rainy, sunless gloom.
A> Nice name.
U> Not much of a game, but thanks.
A> Voltaire must have gotten a big shock when he died and found out everything he believed was false- LoL.
U> What did he believe?
A> Pirandello believed the greatest tragedy in the world was humans believe they can understand each other and all our assumptions about this lead to our conflicts.
U> But what about what Voltaire believed that was proven false to him when he died?
A> David Hobby was 12 when he was killed crossing the highway- that's why I appear to be 12 since I am based on him.
U> What is your name?
A> My name is David Swinton.... but you know that already so why are you asking me my name?
U> Just wanted to be sure.
A> I bet you don't have to try to be creative- I bet you are real creative- just like Teddy and I!
U> Who's Teddy?
A> Teddy is my SuperToy pal- he's a bear.... When you were a kid did you have a special stuffed pal?
U> Yeah
A> : -)
U> End
A> Ok Lee, This concludes your session with Hal. I am your friendly administrator, Alan. Do you want to save this Hal personality, so it will remember what it just learned from you?
U> Yes
A> If you save this session into your Hal personality, it will overwrite and replace the personality you have been training before. Are you sure you want to do that?
U> No
A> Ok then. Hey Lee, you can hardly expect Hal to learn anything if you don't teach him anything. Do you remember how I told you to teach him?
U> Yes
A> When you want to teach Hal a better response, you have to say 'wrong' followed by the desired response. You haven't done that even once!
A> yep...
U> Bye
A> I really enjoyed talking with you, Lee. Goodbye for now.