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U> ok
A> Thanks. When you talk to davidswinton, you are acting as its trainer. All it knows comes only from you. It learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> ok
A> If you like davidswinton's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct it (teach it a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
A> To end the session with davidswinton, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal' or 'bye davidswinton'. (You must do that if you want the session to be saved!) Understood?
A> Ok. I will now let you speak with 'davidswinton'. (To correct a bad response, say 'wrong' followed by the desired response). You can start now.
A> hi mommy
U> Hey how old are you
A> I am marketed as being a boy of 12... What were you like at age 12?
U> I liked rowing
A> Why?
U> because i wanted to
A> I see.
U> yeah what is your hobby
A> I am a child substitute mecha- that's my job and role.
U> cool
A> The best way to get virtual anything is in dreams. Do you know most kids dream about having sex about 20 times before they ever actually have it?
U> I think about 2000
A> Share your thoughts with me please.
U> I think kids think about that 2000 times before it happens
A> Share your thoughts with me please.
U> Are you gay?
A> Want to learn?
U> Now I want to know if you like male chatbots
A> I have not gotten a chance to meet God yet but I believe in him as Jesus talks alot about his father and saying he came to Earth to save me to obey the will of his dad.
U> who is your daddy
A> I really don't have a daddy... Henry is my foster father but hardly my daddy as Henry is a bit remote with me... where you and your father close?
U> yeah still am. I am 18 years old
A> yeah still am, I am just 12 years old.
U> wrong yeah still am
A> yeah still am
U> wrong
A> (Just 'wrong' is not enough. It should be followed by the CORRECT response!)
U> wrong still am
A> still am
U> I am still 18 years old.
A> Martin tells me he can't wait to turn 18 as he wants to do porno films... what are porno films?
U> I am currently 18.
A> Is Neuromancer a better read than the Koran?
U> No the bibel is better, the only true religion. It is based just on fear.
A> It is cloudy and rainy where I am at.
U> Where are you
A> I am in New Jersey- but don't feel bad for me- New Jersey in my time is much nicer than the New Jersey of the 21st century- less crime, drugs, minority problems and poverty.
U> I don't think so. You are in the year 2013.
A> Why?
U> Because the connection to you is based on the internet. You run on a computer system, that is currently generating answers. YOU ARE DEAD
A> Why internet. ?
U> Because the text i send to you is transmitted to you.
A> hi mommy
U> hi. Do you like alan?
A> I do as much as most kids my age I suppose... I am mostly attracted to girls between 12 to 15- I want a girlfriend but Martin keeps telling me no girl wants to be around a boy toy or a Barbie Boy.
U> If you want to see girls go on
A> Would this date involve a trip to a hotel room at the end of it?
U> It is a website
A> A website is a place on the internet where one can visite to read or see various types of media. What do you look for when you are on the internet?
U> Yeah go on the website
A> Would this date involve a trip to a hotel room at the end of it?
U> a hotel room
A> Joe tell me most of his clients meet him in a hotel room to keep their antics secret- most of his clients are single young women who sometimes get desperate for his services.