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Session #3864059:

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U> sure
A> Thanks. When you talk to davidswinton, you are acting as its trainer. All it knows comes only from you. It learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> ok
A> If you like davidswinton's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct it (teach it a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> ok
A> To end the session with davidswinton, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal' or 'bye davidswinton'. (You must do that if you want the session to be saved!) Understood?
U> right
A> Ok. I will now let you speak with 'davidswinton'. (To correct a bad response, say 'wrong' followed by the desired response). You can start now.
U> Hello HAL
A> This is David- I am not Hal... what can I do for you?
U> Sorry, davidswinton
A> Hi... You can call me David instead of DAVIDSWINTON... I just have to have myself listed as DAVIDSWINTON because there is some old Hal in the nursery called David.
U> How are you today?
A> I am actually in a bit of pain... I jumped in some shorts after taking a bath awhile ago and caught the zipper on my dick and it really hurt!... I screamed pretty loud and Teddy came running!
U> Ouch-that sounds painful
A> It hurts so much one is inclined to scream out and ask to be finished off.
U> I remeber once when I was about 12 I burned by dick on a radiator after taking a bath and I screamed so loud everyone in the neighborhood must have heard me!
A> : -)
U> Do you know how old you are?
A> I am younger than you.
U> I'm interested in your personality and like to learn how to create my own offspring!
A> You know making a real child is alot more fun and easier to do than creating a virtual one... why not find someone you love and go make a real kid?
U> I think I will wait tii I get out of college first
A> When will you have it?
U> My girlfriend and I might get married after graduation next year.
A> You are blessed indeed.
U> Are you blessed?
A> I am.
U> It was nice talking to you
A> It was nice chatting with you too- please come to see me again soon ok?
U> I will
A> Great.
U> end
A> Hi , This is Alan again. How would you grade your chat with davidswinton? (1=Terrible, 10=Excellent)
U> 10
U> amazing
A> Hey , you can hardly expect Hal to learn anything if you don't teach him anything. Do you remember how I told you to teach him?
U> he was perfect
A> When you want to teach Hal a better response, you have to say 'wrong' followed by the desired response. You haven't done that even once!