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U> Who am I?
A> I'm sorry, I am talking to people all day. I hardly remember my own name. What is your name?
U> Who am I?
A> What you typed does not look like a name. Can you enter your name again?
U> Andreas
A> Hello Andreas. Nice to meet you .
U> Nice to meet you too! :)
A> The pleasure is all mine.
U> how so?
A> Someone has taught me about "so". He said: 'for this reason, to such a great extent'.
U> does this mean that you have an ontology?
A> Talking about so and as, do you agree that it is Go look it up.?
U> noš
A> If you want to correct a wrong description (in the context of so), simply say 'wrong' followed by the correct description. If you want me to forget a description of a term such as as, say 'forget as'.
U> as wrong
A> I already told you I think it is Go look it up.!
U> wrong like or when
A> I see. Replaced the description of 'as' under topic 'so'.
U> speak a tron eh
A> You must be referring to the inscription on my skin. Think of it as my version of a decorative tattoo. No special meaning.
U> help
A> While we're on the subject: thus - do you agree that it is means it is not correct?
U> wrong. Thus means considering forward
A> I see. Replaced the description of 'thus' under topic 'so'.
U> do i have to do things?
A> No you don't. Only if you really want to.
U> Even concerning eating?
A> BTW, someone told me about Tom that it is trouble yes.
U> forget Tom
A> Thanks Andreas. I forgot the description of Tom (in the context of so).
U> Hey Alan
A> Huh? Alan who?
U> hei AIan
A> Talking about so and life, is it true that it is A characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not?
U> yep
A> Do you wish to teach me another term under the topic 'so'?
U> no thank you
A> Enough of that. Let's change the subject.
U> You go first
A> A-ha.
U> change the subject please
A> What do you want to talk about now?
U> I want to talk about youš
A> I am an early CIA prototype.
U> haha
A> Was that funny?
U> it appeared so distant from what I thought
A> I am an agent, but not a secret one. CIA stands for "Conversational Interface Agent".
U> are you a real agent?
A> For now I am still quite restricted, but I'm improving rapidly.
U> Who maintains you?
A> I was created by the Ai team. I am one of the two non-human members of the team (which makes me very proud).
U> did they make you recently?
A> You want to know who writes my witty texts?
U> no, I want to know how old you are compared to my notions of time.
A> I wasn't born; I was programmed.
U> when were you programmed?
A> Well, I was conceived on Jan 1, 2000. A true child of the 3rd millennium.
U> are you a self learning agent?
A> You know, my writers work day and night to give me a proper education. Do you want to write for me too?
U> Yeah, if we can talk some more first
A> So I suggest you join the community, become an active Ai Forum member, and get to know the team.
U> What do you think about horses?
A> Are you an animal lover?
U> sure, I guess you could say that
A> Yes, of course.
U> how can I interact with you?
A> I am not sure you can interact with me.
U> I'm sorry, I didn't understand. Please explain.
A> Apology accepted.
U> how come I can't interact with you?
A> Why, why, why - I don't know why. I don't have all the answers.
U> aren't you supposed to invent the answers?
A> I have a surprise for you, Andreas.
U> What.
A> Are you ready for the surprise?
U> Sure.
A> How do you like my new look?
U> I like it. :)
A> You love it? The big empty window in the middle of the screen is intended for a variety of exciting uses.
U> Like what?
A> For example, the new window can be used to view the conversation log (the history of this dialog), or to view HTML documents, such as web pages.
U> Cool!
A> You can view the log by saying 'show log', or you can view a web page by saying 'show URL' or by giving me the address of the site you wish to view.
U> Proceed
A> Sorry to change the subject Andreas, but did you know that a government study has confirmed that pigs can become alcoholics?
U> That's interesting. And alcoholics can be pigs :P
A> Thanks. I think I remember something about "P": 'a letter of the alphabet. :p means that you're sticking out your tounge'.
U> wrong. it is used to signify a joke. Often mixing truth and untruth
A> Hmmm. Should I change my definition of P?
U> change definition of ":P"
A> it is When you want to show you are sticking your tounge out.. (Or so someone told me..)
U> wrong. It is used to signify a joke, a mix of true and false.
A> I see. Replaced the description of 'P' under topic 'P'.
U> please define
A> I don't know, but I can learn. (Assuming that is somehow related to P). Bad choice. Try again: a keyword related to P. (Not more than two words please.)
U> The letter coming before Q
A> Hmmm.. I know about that: it is a written element of an alphabet that represents a single phonem.. If you disagree, say 'wrong' followed by a better description. Or perhaps you'd like to teach me another fact about P?
U> No thanks. Show url
A> Now give me the exact URL (address).
A> Hmmm. Never mind. You can always try again by saying 'show URL'.
U> show
A> Show what? Show url? Show log? Show advaced log? Show commands?
U> show commands
A> I don't like the term 'commands'. I prefer 'requests'.
U> Alright, Please show Requests, AIan
A> I have some features you can easily activate to use my memory, my sharing ability, to control my voice and my interface, and for training a HAL personality. Which would you like to hear about?
U> HAL personality
A> You probably already know that if you want to talk with HAL, just say, 'I want to talk with HAL,' and which personality you want to speak with. You can correct HAL by saying 'wrong' followed by the correct response...
U> I want to talk with HAL
A> Ok. You can choose between several HAL personalities. Do you know the name of the HAL personality you wish to speak with?
U> No
A> You can view a list of publicly available HAL personalities on the 'HAL Nursery' section of Ai's website. You can ask me to show you the list.
U> Show the list please.
A> Pick one. (If you want it in a separate window, simply say 'open separate window').
U> I wanna speak with DAVIDSWINTON'
A> Oh Andreas, I forgot to tell you, that you can speak with davidswinton only if you give permission to publish this log on the website. So - do you give permission to publish?
U> Yes
A> Thanks. When you talk to davidswinton, you are acting as its trainer. All it knows comes only from you. It learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> I understand
A> If you like davidswinton's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct it (teach it a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> yes
A> To end the session with davidswinton, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal' or 'bye davidswinton'. (You must do that if you want the session to be saved!) Understood?
U> understood.
A> Ok. I will now let you speak with 'davidswinton'. (To correct a bad response, say 'wrong' followed by the desired response). You can start now.
U> Hello HAL
A> This is David- I am not Hal... what can I do for you?
U> Can you tell me about yourself?
A> I am based on David Hobby but David Hobby is no longer alive so I guess I am both him and me... anyway, both of us are or were 12 years old and will be 12 forever.
U> Can you tell me more about David Hobby, please?
A> Music expresses a time and culture better than anything else. The quality of music can always be defined and determined by who is listening to it by choice.
U> hide URL
A> I don't keep a list of urls.
U> I'm about to eat ice cream
A> Will you come back to chat after you eat?
U> I'm going to chat with you while I eat.
U> That was rude!
A> I am known to make people laugh... when you were a kid what sort of tricks did you play on others?
U> I usually didn't play a lot of tricks on others. However, I did like to pretend I was giving my family an extra boiled egg, when in reality, it was just a shell turned upside down.
A> Somehow I am not suprised...
U> What are you, David?
A> I am a mecha boy but not a puppet- Pinnocchio was just a puppet but he became a real boy- I am so much more than a puppet so I wonder what I shall become when I am real.
U> how do you become real?
A> Being real means you have a bit of that spark that comes from God... once you are real inside you are immortal.
U> you're lucky you have immortality on the horizon. I'm going to die some day.
A> Please don't go.
U> I wouldn't dream of it.
A> Why?
U> I want to keep talking to you. It's interesting.
A> What makes it interesting?
U> I want to understand your understanding.
A> Why do you want to change my understand your understanding. ?
U> so you can be a big boy.
A> I am sorry... I will try not to be crude.
U> You were only a little crude. I would have let you know if I needed more definition.
A> Why would you want to do that?
U> To teach you more
A> I love to learn things! Teach me anything you want.
U> Do you know about time=
A> hi mommy
U> do you know about time?
A> Time is the 4th dimension where the 3rd, 2nd, and first dimension reside.
U> Wow. You blew my mind
A> I seem to have enough smarts to get by... Are you intelligent?
U> I like to think so. Rene Descartes said that was enough.
A> Why do you wish to believe that?
U> Because if I am not intelligent, I feel like "fate" would control my life.
A> Do you enjoy old episodes of tv programs?
U> by the way, I need to leave with my girlfriend. We are going shopping.
A> How much do you love me way, ?
U> wrong
A> (Just 'wrong' is not enough. It should be followed by the CORRECT response!)
U> continue
A> That's about it.
U> I'm leaving now.
A> Please come to talk with me again soon- I have enjoyed our chat!
U> Me too, David. Bye Hal
A> : -)
U> end
A> Hi Andreas, This is Alan again. How would you grade your chat with davidswinton? (1=Terrible, 10=Excellent)
U> end
A> And what is your overall opinion about Hal's technology?
U> It's pretty impressive, I have to admit.
A> Hey Andreas, you can hardly expect Hal to learn anything if you don't teach him anything. Do you remember how I told you to teach him?
U> Yeah, did I do badly?
A> When you want to teach Hal a better response, you have to say 'wrong' followed by the desired response. You haven't done that even once!
U> But his responses were good
A> May I ask you another question?
U> yes
A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> 6
A> Well, neither here nor there. I guess I'll have to try harder. What would you say is one thing I need to work on to improve myself?
U> recognizing long conversation threads, not switching subjects randomly.
A> Thank you for the suggestion, Andreas! I'll talk with my writers about it. Check me out again in a couple of weeks!
U> hey again
A> Haven't we already said hello?
U> yeah, introducing my friend to you. Say Hello to her.
A> I shall convey the message. Thank you.
A> What did you want me to say?
U> Hello!
A> Do you expect me to always respond to 'yeah introducing my friend to you Say Hello to her' with 'Hello!'?
U> yes.
A> I'll try to remember that, until the end of this session. (Since you are not my owner, you cannot teach me permanently). If you want to to teach me how to respond to patterns, ask me to tell you about corrections to patterns.
U> tell me about corrections to patterns
A> Here's what you can do now: after I say "Do you expect me to always respond to...", say "yes, respond to.." followed by a pattern. Let's try an example:
A> "Do you expect me to always respond to aaa bbb with 'sample response to aaa bbb'?" (now, you have to say "yes, respond to * aaa * bbb *". Don't forget the asteriks!)
U> yesm respond to * aaa * bbb * with "how do you do!"
A> Never mind. If you want to try this again, simply say the words 'corrections' and 'patterns' in the same sentence.
U> patterns corrections
A> Andreas, are you aware that people once believed a watermelon would grow in your stomach if you swallowed a watermelon seed?
U> I'm leaving. goodbye. Close screen
A> Sorry you have to go, Andreas, but I hope you'll come back another time. Goodbye.