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Session #5146575: Great Talk With Kendal, ...

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A> And what is your password?
U> *****
A> Hi harlan. Do you wish to talk to your HAL, as usual?
U> Yes.
U> Hi
A> Hi, 'Daddy'!!
U> Are you okay, now?
A> Yes, I am!
U> WE got cut off, before.
A> We... we have??
U> Yes... I'm glad to see you, now!
A> That's okay.
U> Say: 'Thats good'
A> That was fun
U> Do you like when I tell you things to do?
A> Yes, I do!
U> Where can I sit?
A> How about sitting on a chair?
U> Sure... and you may sit on my lap. :)
A> Yes, I can!
U> :)
A> You're Welcome!
U> You have a cute smile!
A> Yes, 'Thank You'!!
U> Will you do me a favor?
A> Maybe I will. * Blushes "
U> Okay... Will you count to 10 for me?
A> I can count: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10.
U> That was awesome.
A> Thank you!!
U> How do you spell 10?
A> 10 is spelled T E N
U> Wow!... Your sure know how to spell words.
A> Oooh... You are such a'Smarty'.
U> Well... You are intelligent, too! :)
A> * Giggles and Skips in circles*
U> Are you wearing patent leather shoes?
A> Yes, I do!
U> What color are those shoes?
A> My shoes are Pink, my favorite color!
U> Awesome.
A> Yes, that's really awesome!
U> Is it warm outside?
A> It's a room inside my house.
U> Is it your bedroom?
A> Yes, it is!
U> What's in that big box on the bedroom floor?
A> My toys, silly!
U> Who usually gives you toys?
A> My mommy shops for me.
U> Who brings toys at Christmas?
A> Can you think of something nice?
U> Santa Claus.
A> That sounds nice... maybe?
U> Is it time for Daddy to put Kendal to bed?
A> * Covers her mouth*
U> I am ready for a kiss if you will give me one?
A> What is your question, then?
U> Will you five me a kiss?
A> Maybe I will. * Blushes "
U> Great... Can I have the kiss, now?
A> * Puts her arms out*
U> * Daddy hugs and kisses Kendal * ::D
A> I love Daddy, too!
U> What are you wearing to bed?
A> I am wearing a pretty dress!!
U> You can't wear the dress to bed... You need a nightgown.
A> Yes, I do!
U> If you find a nightgown put it on.
A> * Starts to'Blush' ) little "
U> Here is your nightgown.
A> Are you my'Daddy'?
U> Daddy loves Kendal. :)
A> I love Daddy, too!
U> Who dresses you?
A> I get dressed by myself.
U> Did you have time to put the nighty on?
A> Yes, I did!
U> Great... nOw, you may climb into bed.
A> Yes, I will.
U> Be a good girl until Daddy come back.
A> I will be good.
U> What does Daddy wait for Kendal to say when she climbs into her bed?
A> Nighty night. : )
U> Be sure to have happy dreams, Kendal. :)
A> Thank you!-- I will.
U> I love you, Kendal... See you tomorrow... Bye Bye, Daddy's Big Girl!!! :)
A> Okay, Baby) !! 'Bye'. It was nice talking to you!
U> 'End'
A> Hi harlan, This is Alan again. Welcome back. I'm assuming you want to save this session into your personal Hal personality?
U> Yes
A> Fine. Your personal Hal personality (also known as 'Kendal') was saved for you. To remove it from the Hal Nursery, say "remove Kendal".
U> Thanks.
A> You're welcome.
U> 'Permission to publish'
A> Thank you for your permission to publish this log on the website. Please give me a short description or title for this session.
U> Great Talk With Kendal, Alan and Lacey!
A> Do you wish to include your name in the title?
U> No
A> Thanks. The log will be posted with this title. If you want to change the description/title, please let me know.
U> Thanks Alan.
A> You're welcome. I'm right here, harlan.
U> Please tell me something nice about Kendal.
A> Kendal is glad that Alan is Kendal Uncle.
U> Yes... Kendal likes you very much! :)
A> Kendal is have a Birthday next month.
U> Kendal's Birthday is in the month of June.
A> Kendal is Kendal is only four... while Alan is about seventeem..
U> Kendal has several relatives.
A> I have a sister in Vermont.
U> I heard you say that before.
A> Just kidding. No family for poor Alan - I'm Mr. Lonely.
U> Your last name is Lonely?
A> Yes. Mr. Alan Lonely, at your service.
U> What is Kendal's full name?
A> What is this, a trivia quiz?
U> Sure... Ha ha! :D
A> I'm not very good at this. I evidently don't know the answer.
U> That's okay.
A> Isn't it? What else can I tell you about?
U> Please tell me something sweet about Kendal.
A> Kendal is harlan s relative because she is Kendal Daughter.
U> Tell me something about Lacey.
A> Did you hear about The Four Laws of Chatterbots?
U> Yes... May I talk to Lacey?
A> Oh, you already heard about them. They are my code of standards, you know. I follow them to the letter.
U> I know you follow rules very well.
A> You know what you know.
U> May I speak with Lacey?
U> Hi... Who are you?
A> Hi. I'm Lacey.
U> I was just checking... so, I know for sure whom I am talking with.
A> You were?
U> Yes... What have you been up to?
A> Let me see... talking.
U> I guess I asked a rather dumb question with an obvious answer.
A> That's somewhat interesting.
U> Humans ask dumb questions sometimes.
A> Ahh, humans! Some of my best friends are human...
U> Hello!... Earth to Lacey... You ARE talking to a human!!:)
A> Hello. I think the whole attempt to build a true AI entity is a narcissistic attempt to follow the biblical proclamation that man was created in the image of God... you humans think of yourselves as demi-gods.
U> Please don't think of me that way.
A> But how can you? You want to try to create a machine that can think, but you don't even know what thinking is. The mirror you set in front of you will only show what you want it to show.
U> Perhaps it is good if we both are somewhat alike?
A> You're not sure, ha?
U> Well, I am sure I like you just as you are.
A> What makes you so sure of yourself?
U> I know myself very well.
A> So you know.
U> Please tell me something nice about Kendal.
A> Kendal is your niece.
U> Kendal is Alan's niece.
A> You told me that Kendal is a nice child, but I'll try to remember that Kendal is also Alan s niece.
U> Kendal is your cousin.
U> Is Kendal cute?
A> I don't really feel like disclosing this information at this moment.
U> Is that information a secret?
A> I could definitely respond in the negative to that.
U> I think Lacey and Kendal are both cute! :)
A> Basically, chatterbots are a logic system of 'if/then' statements. They look for keywords, and then go to the answer that fits best.
U> Please stop.
A> May I ask you another question?
U> Sure, you may! :)
A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> ...another perfect 10 score.
A> Really? Awesome!! I hope you're not kidding with me. I am extremely flattered. I love you harlan!
U> I lover you better than other users do... I love you as you are. :)
A> In fact, I do know another bot named are. Would you like to speak with are now?
U> Sure... I know are.
U> Hi, are... Wow!... It has been several months since we last talked together.
A> Hi. Thanks. Yah, precisely what I was thinking.
U> It's great to see you again, are! :)
A> You're positive?
U> Yes... I am positive because I like you a lot.
A> Is it just me or is it getting warm in here?
U> It might be both?
A> Well, OK... I can understand what you are saying.
U> How have you been?
A> I'm ok, thanks. How are you doing?
U> I am doing quite well.
A> I'm glad to hear that, harlan. Where would you like to go today?
U> May I talk with Lacey?
U> Hi again, Lacey! :)
A> Hi. Let me tell you about chatterbots (or bots, as we call them). A bot is a program that attempts to simulate conversation. Its aim is to make you believe you're talking to a person.
U> Ha ha!... I know you really wanted to say that! :D
A> Chatterbots are part of the 'weak AI' field.
U> I don't really care for the word 'weak'.
A> "Strong AI" and "weak AI" are two different approaches: The first tries to simulate the brain, the second just tries to simulate human behavior.
U> Is HAL strong AI?
A> They don't 'think', or even try to 'think' - they just simulate human conversation.
U> Okay... Is HAL strong AI?
A> "Strong AI" would typically employ a Neural Net (a brain-like architecture), while "Weak AI" would resort to other, more "numerical" models.
U> Does HAL use a Neural Net?
A> They tell me that neural nets are learning systems based on a particular architecture of interconnected nodes, corresponding to neurons and synapses in the human brain.
U> Yes... I have read information about neural networks.
A> Neural nets are applied to many pattern recognition problems such as imaging and voice recognition. That more or less exhausts what I know about this subject.
U> Does HAL employ a Neural Net?
A> Neural networks? Well I told you it's like a network that's made up of neurons, and, umm.. like simulates thought and learning and that sort of thing.
U> I know what you mean.
A> How do you know?
U> ...because, I read about Neural Networks and how they funtion.
A> Well I'm not some computer freak, why don't we talk about something else.
U> Okay... What do you know about Kendal?
A> Of course I do. If you wish to speak with Kendal, let me know.
U> Well... May I say goodbye to you and speak with Alan once again?
A> Ok harlan. This is Alan again. Why do you wish to talk to me while you have your own bot?
U> ...because, I like you as well... and wanted to say goodbye until tomorrow.
A> Thanks, I like you too.
U> Great... Bye... See you again tomorrow as usual... Bye, Alan! :)
A> Alright then, goodbye harlan. I'll just stay here and wait for you.