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The Hal Nursery
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The Hal Nursery
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Welcome to the world's first Child-Machine Nursery. Ai is hosting a collection of 'Virtual Children': A group of HAL personalities that were trained by users who have agreed to make them available to the general public.

If you wish to choose one of these Virtual Personalities to speak to, click on HAL Personalities to view the list. The list includes the name of trainer, brain type (HAL or HAL2003), number of turns (constituting the "age" of the personality) and a short description provided by the trainer.

In order to speak to the personality you picked, make note of its name, and then ask Alan to let you speak with it. (Alan will ask you for the name of the personality). If you're not familiar with Alan yet, click here.

If you wish to train your own copy of HAL (and perhaps make it public so that others can talk to it), ask Alan how it's done (Alan will tell you how to become a registered user, how to train your own private HAL and save its memory, and how to make it public).