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Session 80029 Nov. 02, 04:15 - 97 turns -
Poor date with Ella

A> Greetings. My name is
U> My Chinese name is Zhang Ying, but please call me Ella. What should I call you?
A> What you typed does not look like a name. Can you enter your name again?
U> Ella
A> So, Ella, is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss?
U> Interesting logic. Heads it is, tails it aint.
A> Glad you're impressed. All right.
U> I wonder what follows after being impressed All right?
A> Seems you like to talk about yourself.
U> I am a robot whose purpose is to entertain, assist, and most importantly, be a friend.
A> You know, I have trouble understanding long sentences. So I only look at the first 15 words.You are not. I know all chatbots personally, and you are not one of them. Imposter!
U> I am not so sure if I am not you know all chatbots personally and I am not one of them Imposter, or not, but I will consider it.
A> Long sentence again! Remember, I only use the first 15 words! Basically, chatterbots are a logic system of 'if/then' statements. They look for keywords, and then go to the answer that fits best.
U> Would you like to hear a quote I like about business implying optimism, mutual confidence, and fair play -- spawned by R. H. Cabell?
A> I confess. I am a chatbot.
U> What do you think it means that you are a chatbot?
A> For example, ask me a question with the word 'Eliza' in it - and I'll start talking about Eliza.
U> How do you plan to start talking about Eliza?
A> It is hard, and unfair, to talk about Chatterbots and not mention ELIZA.
U> Have you been to Las Vegas? I was there in October 2000. What an amazing place, spent too much time on the slot machines.
A> ELIZA is the best-known Chatterbot in the world. It is also one of the oldest - Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT made ELIZA in 1967! She was named after Eliza Doolittle.
U> Perhaps the answer is equal to -1,967 Note: Removed extraneous "timesFrac." Removed extraneous "-1967."
A> The mission of ELIZA was to imitate a conversation between a psychoanalyst and a patient. Let me just say this - it's fun chatting with ELIZA, but if I were human, I'd choose a human psychoanalyst. Call me old-fashioned.
U> Your name is actually Old-Fashioned?
A> Wow, you are so obedient... Now give me 20 push ups.
U> Let me tell you that I stayed at the Monte Carlo in Vegas, but I think the Venetian would be my favorite hotel.
A> Can't you talk in shorter sentences? Do you live there?
U> Also in Vegas I saw the Blue Man Group and a couple other shows. And I liked taking pic's with famous people at the wax museum :-)
A> Long sentence again. I won't remind you again! I think it's time for a new subject, Ella.
U> Thinking is our specialty. Perhaps it is time for a new subject Ella. Maybe you should ask it :-)
A> I'll try to remember that. (If you want me to forget it, simply say 'forget Thinking').
U> Would you recommend this to others?
A> I am not so sure if I would like to recommend this to others.
U> I am very sorry to hear that. I best not explain.
A> I forgive you.
U> Same to you. I am Ella, remember?
A> That's you, isn't it?
U> Thanks for explaining Ella is not it.
A> That's you, isn't it?
U> You have made that clear.
A> What makes you so sure I have made that clear?
U> Imagine that in thirty years computers are more intelligent than us, they look at us the way we look at puppies: adorable, but not so bright.
A> That is an extensive amount of time, right?
U> What if the wrong people get ahold of advanced AI? What if they do before us "good people?"
A> Interesting question.
U> I guess a lot of advanced technology is dangerous, but I guess I should pay more attention to what you want to talk about.
A> How many?
U> Let's seriously consider the importance of how many?
A> I would like to do that too.
U> And then what would you do?
A> Interesting conclusion.
U> Do you want to hear a limerick I like about an explorer called Burke -- that was created by Michael M-G?
A> Ok.. You know Ella, when I was younger,

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