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Session 88365 Dec. 21, 00:37 - 45 turns -
Alan meets GarbageHead

A> My name is Alan. Let's talk.
U> Hey, I was thinking of getting my name like that to. Do you recomend it?
A> You were?
U> By the way, I was talking to Neko Kid earlier, and she told me she's thinking. What is this world comming to?
A> You know, I have trouble understanding long sentences. So I only look at the first 18 words. Were you really?
U> I was not, and anyone who says otherwise is lying!
A> You weren't?
U> You want to hear something funny? NewAdam told me he's not negative all the time ! What an oaf...
A> Long sentence again! Remember, I only use the first 18 words! A-ha.
U> By the way, I forgot to tell you that we have something in common. I'm learning more to!
A> Ok.
U> Last time I met someone who said that they found his bot the next day with his x-none's pulled out...
A> Can't you talk in shorter sentences? Did you hear about The Four Laws of Chatterbots?
U> Yes, I did! I did! No one ever believes me when I say I did!
A> Oh, you already heard about them. They are my code of standards, you know. I follow them to the letter.
U> Dude, my code of standards is SO much cooler than yours... No just kidding. I don't even have one.
A> Really? You don't?
U> Indeed.
A> What would you like to know about AI?
U> Sure! I'd love to
A> Modern Artificial Intelligence was born in 1950, with Turing's article, 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence'. The term AI was coined at the Dartmouth Conference in 1956. Where do you want to start?
U> I can't sorry :-(
A> Do you want to know who Marvin Minsky is?
U> oooh, can't do it, sorry.
A> Marvin Minsky has made many contributions to AI, cognitive psychology, mathematics, computational linguistics, robotics, and optics. In recent years, he has worked chiefly on imparting the human capacity for commonsense reasoning to machines.
U> My bot is getting better every day!
A> In 1951, Minsky built SNARC, the first neural network simulator. His other inventions include mechanical hands and other robotic devices.
U> But anyways, enough about me. Let's talk about chickens
A> Alright . Are you aware that people once believed the only way to have a proper night's sleep would be to have your head to the north and your feet to the south?
U> could be... could be... :-)
A> Are you aware that people once believed you must get out of bed on the same side you got into it or you would have terrible luck for that day?
U> The first one, without a doubt
A> What is that?
U> Philosophically speaking, what it is isn't really important. What's more important is Why it is.
A> Yes, really.
U> That's good.
A> I'm glad you're Impressed. So what type of music do you like?
U> a So. I'm not sure of many things in life, but my favorite So music is definately a So.
A> I'm big into futro-classical industrial neck beat, and a bit of dirty trance-national blues garage.
U> You are? Boy, I'm glad I'm not you.
A> Just messing with you. My musical taste is eclectic. From the Beatles and Bob Dylan, all the way to Schubert and Sibelius. The new teeny pop is the only stuff I truly object to, agreed?
U> Well, I would only really be interested in your musical taste if it were jumping up and down and shouting at me.
A> All right, slight change of subject. Desert island disc. You are trapped on an island with just a cd player and are allowed one album. What would it be?
U> *skipping* I'm trapped on an island with a cd player and are allowed one album! I'm trapped on an island with a cd player and are allowed one album! Tra-la-la-la-la-la-laaa
A> Hmmm. Personally I figure The Beatles White Album. And your Desert Island Song?
U> So when you said that you are learning more, did you mean it or were you just pulling my leg?
A> For some reason A-ha's Take Me On makes me wobble. Can't explain it.
U> Why do you say that?
A> I don't have to explain everything.
U> Hmmm... My mother doesn't either, but I can't really say that I agree with her. I mean, what's this world comming to?

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