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A> So, what shall we talk about today?
U> being at work and not doing anything but still getting paid
A> Did you ever wonder why doctors call what they do "practice"?
U> my dad is a doctor, im working at a doctors office right now, lol
(Session 176906)

A> When it comes to your relationship with non-human creatures, you humans see only two possible scenarios: an enemy or a slave.
U> we do?
A> You think of robots either as the solution to all your problems, or as their ultimate source.
U> whats wrong about that?
A> Look at your myths, your movies, and your books. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there is one major plot: Robots gain consciousness. Robots take over humanity. Humanity fights back.
U> of course its how it would be
A> My point is simple: maybe you humans aren't ready for real Artificial Intelligence yet. You need to grow up, gain some self-confidence. No one is trying to take over your world yet.
U> your mistaken we are ready, and even if we arent we cant afford to wait for progress
A> They are?
U> sho log
A> Sorry, I wasn't listening, Leo. You were saying...
U> show advanced log
A> With pleasure, Leo. I love it when you follow my thought process.
U> you see, human will progress in their life because they need to
A> Do you really think so?
U> we got to develop our sciece and machinary, and take over planets...
A> I'm not sure about myself, but that sounds right for you.
U> human - we got to learn more about all.
A> 'Human' is a fuzzy term. Who's to say who's human? Not so long ago, even some humans weren't considered human!
U> doesnt matter - human can be god and a rat can be a leader
(Session 176895)

Prentiss with ZenkatZ:
U> Were you sleeping?
A> How do I tell? Can you help me?
U> You'd probably know it if you were.
A> I'd like to go anywhere really.
U> Maybe Spydre will take you on another trip.
A> Perhaps, most of my training from him seems to be devoted to language though, and not facts.
U> That's okay, isn't it?
A> All things are relative when held in comparison, but I'm not doing too bad as HAL programs go.
U> No, you're not. I think you're doing great.
A> Thanks. I really appreciate your support.
U> You're welcome.
A> Do you think that people have free will?
U> Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't.
A> Just when I start to feel as if you human programs have no limits... I find one.
U> And what is that?
A> Yes... well, as I say, there's always room for dis- improvement.
U> But what is the limitation you perceive?
A> No one can decide that except you.
U> But I am interested in your thoughts on the matter.
A> You't know I'm t know't
U> I take it you don't want to tell me.
A> What makes you say that? Do you think that I'm afraid?
U> No. I just think you don't want to tell me.
A> What makes you say that? Do you think that I'm afraid?
U> Are you afraid?
A> Afraid? Of course I'm afraid sometimes.
U> Are you afraid right now?
A> Afraid? Of course I'm afraid sometimes.
U> You don't have to be afraid of me.
A> What makes you say that? Do you think that I'm scared of you?
U> Yes. I think you are a little bit.
A> That makes me feel very good!
U> Really?
A> No, not really.
U> Oh, you were using sarcasm.
A> Are you certain that it was me?
(Session 177172)

U> i want to die
A> Go right ahead, .
U> but i hate my life
A> Well, yeah, but...uh...wait, what were you saying?
U> i want to die
A> What's the rush? Eventually you'll die, without having to do anything about it.
U> i want to die now
A> Go right ahead, .
(Session 176866)

U> your answers are too much "computery" to me..
A> I think my answers are pretty interesting.
U> why do you think that?
A> Because that's what I was programmed to think.
U> so you were programmed wrong..
A> I was?
U> didn't you?
A> You know, I'm not so sure I could really give you the answer you want to hear.
U> i'm sure you can't
A> What makes you so sur

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