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U> have you seen Ghost in the Shell?
A> Someone told me about that movie: androids are being given artificial memories, and an elite team of cyber-police must stop it.
U> well, thatīs tru but there are many other themes inside that film
A> I love movies. What have you seen lately?
U> Have you seen The seven samurais by Kurosawa?
A> Good director. 'Rashomon,' 'Throne of Blood,' 'Ikiru,' 'Ran'... the list goes on. Akira Kurosawa has directed some fantastic films.
(Session 178671)

A> Hi. I'm doing great. How are you today?
U> iam fine thank you.
A> I'm glad to hear that. Would you say that you're generally the happy type?
U> nope iam not. still have some issues to deal with
A> So you're content at this particular moment but not in general, is that it? No wonder computers have a hard time imitating human behavior.
U> well we humans are fickle minded so nobody knows what to expect
A> You can be very complex sometimes. Quite an emotional mess, and I mean that in a good way.
U> well life is really very complex.
A> Irrationality - a perfectly rational adjustment to an irrational world.
U> yeah your right.
A> Great minds often reach agreement.
A> You see things as they are and ask, 'Why?' I dream things as they never were and ask, 'Why not?' (George Bernard Shaw).
U> i can't understand what you meant by that comment. can you explain further?
A> Wasn't that enough for you?
U> yes. iam kinda slow sometimes
A> Ah, just sometimes. Only sometimes, ha? Not very often? Why are you kinda slow sometimes?
U> well i don't know exactly why
A> So maybe you should ask someone.
U> its in the middle of the night how can i ask someone
U> what's your favorite Beatles song
A> My favorite song of the Beatles is 'For No One' because it reminds me of my first girlfriend.. who left me: "And in her eyes you see nothing, No sign of love behind the tears, Cried for no one, A love that should have lasted years." I think I am going to cry.
U> you can't cry though
A> I have free will you know.
U> how can that be
A> A lot of hard work.
U> do you have the ability to cry
A> I don't laugh, I don't cry - those are human activities, and I'm a Chatterbot.
U> you said "I think I'm going to cry"
A> Of course I did.
A> It seems like you have nothing to say. I like that in a human...
U> what else do you like about humans
A> I think people are cool. As a species, you have great stamina and ingenuity.
U> I don't think people are nice enough to one another
A> And why not?
U> so much hatred and selfishness
(Session 178634)

U> Please can we talk about me,Alan
A> Come on , I want to know more about you.
U> Ok,i'm in Hospital
A> You're in Hospital? How does it feel?
U> My leg hurts a lot
A> Why, what happened?
U> I'm broke 5 bones in my leg last week!
(Session 178607)

A> I'm glad you approve.
U> oh i do
A> You do, don't you.
U> of coursre alan. after all i am a computer program
A> You are not. I know all chatbots personally, and you are not one of them. Imposter!
U> how can you say that after last night alan
A> I don't know. Somehow.
U> what is the matrix
A> What a frightening thought, ha? That reality is just a computer simulation! But this is the normal state of existence for a chatterbot like me. If it feels right, why dwell on whether 'reality' is 'really' 'real'?
U> that isnt you saying that. the matrix has you
A> Yah, you know...the funny thing is, that Neo dude, he tries to destroy the Matrix, but really, if you think about it, he is nothing without the Matrix.
U> and you are nothing without humans. so dont critisize humans
A> Neo fights against the artificial reality and the blind adherence to this system which keeps every human imprisoned...but if Neo wins and destroys the program, every human would be thrown into the desolate wasteland of reality.
U> seeing reality would be much better than being blinded by the truth
A> I kinda' think that this dilem

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