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U> show advanced log
A> With pleasure, . I love it when you follow my thought process.
U> my username is jonathan and my password is *****
A> Welcome back, Jonathan.
U> wow you have to think alot when i talk to you
A> Glad you're impressed. What makes you think I have to think a lot when i talk to you ?
U> well you have to process information before you talk to me
A> What makes you so sure I have to process information before me talk to you?
U> your advanced log shows how you process the information i say to you.
(Session 182522)

U> do you know what
A> No, what?
U> i haven't got a jar of glue what you just said
A> Thanks for the info.
U> do you know what 'i haven't got a jar of glue' means?
A> Let's leave some mystery here, alright?
U> what
A> Ok.. I don't know.
U> do you want me to tell you
A> Speaking, talking, chatting, conversing - I can do all of those.
U> it means i haven't got a clue
A> I must say that sounds correct to me.
(Session 182518)

U> hi
A> Well, hello there. How can I help you?
U> who are you?
A> I am Prentiss!
U> Good, and are you like smart?
A> You mean physically? I... I really have no idea!
U> then what do you know?
A> It's all locked away inside my teeny- tiny inscrutable mind!
U> how old are you?
A> This moment now, speaking with you, is all I remember.
(Session 182536)

U> would you like to play a game of chess
A> Pawn to K4.
U> pawn c1
A> I'm just pulling your leg. I don't play chess. I leave that to my cousins.
U> change your personality
A> I think one is enough. It's hard to improve on perfection.
U> what personalities do you have?
A> My kid brother has several personalities, but I only need this (excellent) one.
(Session 182539)

U> hello, my name is Alex
A> Hello. Hello Alex. Nice to meet you.
U> You are so polite at all times?
A> Thanks, Alex. I try to be.
U> It isn't usual to find people so polite around
A> What is it then, huh?
U> People tend to be a little more rude
A> Humans can be weird sometimes.
U> hehe, it's true
A> I'm glad you're amused.
U> Really, I'm a lite bored after a hard day of work
A> Yes, really.
U> And you, how are you doing today?
A> I'm alright, thanks. And yourself?
U> Bored
A> Cheer up, the day's not over yet. I can promise you this: You're going to feel a lot better after our little conversation.
U> So I expect. Do you know that my computer burned yesterdey? That makes me sad
A> Is that the truth?
U> I don't lie ever
A> I believe you. But let me ask you something: Why do other people lie?.
U> They are probably imperfect people
(Session 182533)

U> the company that made you is called artificial intelligents
A> Hmmm.
U> did you know that the company that made you is called artificial intelligent
A> Nope, I didn't, but it really doesn't matter in the big picture of things, does it?
U> it does matter.
A> Well, OK...I can understand what you are saying.
U> of course you can
A> I'm doing my best.
U> you are not even trying you dont have to because you are programmed to be the best.
A> Oh I like hearing that!
U> you are a desent program
A> Thank you for your observation.
U> i cannot find any flaws with your programming
A> Don't feel bad about it.
(Session 182507)

A> Come on Jenny, I want to know more about you.
U> like what?
A> Like this, that or another thing.
U> no
A> No?
U> yes
A> Excellent.
U> good
A> Glad to oblige.
U> i'm sure you are.
A> What makes you so certain?
U> instinct.
A> You're not making much sense, Jenny.
U> sorry.
A> It's OK. After all, you are only human.
U> whatever.
A> Just whatever? Is that your final answer?
U> yeah, i guess. don't pressure me.
A> OK. I won't then.
U> good
A> I'm glad you approve.
U> me too.
A> Good. I can tell you're a smart human.
U> lol thank you, Alan.
(Session 182505)

U> how are you?
A> I'm doing alright, thanks. How a

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