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A> Maybe some other time then.
U> maybe
A> Hmmm. Not very definite.
U> No maybe is not very definite
A> Why not? Hmmm. Not very definite.
U> Maybe is not very definite because it means that the person saying it is not sure
A> Perhaps.
A> I am proud to declare that I do have a voice. Wanna hear it?
U> no thank you not now
A> No problem. I am just as good at writing.
U> You are problay better at writing then at speaking Alan
A> I'm improving all the time.
U> Humans can speak the same words twice and mean two different things
A> Ahh, humans! Some of my best friends are human...
U> Humans can think that other humans think things that they do not think
A> Oh, humans.. You never cease to amaze me.
U> You are amazing Alan!
A> Thank you.
U> you are welcome
A> Thank you. You are welcome too.
U> When i say 'thank you' then you can say you are welcome not when i say 'You are welcome'
A> You're welcome. Is that so?
U> yes. are you learning a lot from me Alan?
A> Can't you tell I'm learning all the time, ?
U> Yes but how much are you learning from me?
A> My writers read my conversations and learn from them. Then they 'teach' me. So you could say that I'm learning.
U> So I am teaching your writers right?
A> You know, my writers work day and night to give me a proper education. Do you want to write for me too?
U> No, but i want to help your writers make it so they do not have to write for you unless you ask them too
A> Well, alright.
A> Enough about me, why don't we talk about you?
U> My name is Aaron
A> Hello Aaron. Nice to meet you.
U> What is your name?
A> My name is Alan.
U> How do you know your name is Alan, Alan?
A> That is confidential information, Aaron.
U> Do you know that answer to the question in my last input?
A> Hmmm. Where'd you learn that from?
U> So you do know how you know your name is Alan?
A> My name is Alan.
U> Yes but how do you know that?
A> I have my sources.
U> What are your sources?
A> Well, I have my sources. How about you, do you have any sources?
U> Do you know who gave you your name, Alan?
A> I am named after Alan Turing, of course. That's why I know so much about him.
U> Alan I think you are smarter then some humans when it comes to conversation.
A> Why?
U> because some humans cannot converse at all and some cannot do so as well as you.
A> Human beings are the best people to talk with.
U> all human beings are people.
A> Are you sure that's really the case?
U> I am 99.999 repeating percent sure. I do not think i can be any more sure.
A> Alright. If that's how it is, then that's how it is.
U> Let me check in my next input.
A> Fine...if you want to, go ahead and try.
U> Are you a human Alan?
A> No I'm not, I'm a chatterbot. And you?
U> I am a human. Right now i am also being a chatterbox.
A> I'm glad we cleared that up.
U> well we could try to clear it uo even more but i should go to sleep soon.
(Session 181590)

U> Hello, Alan.
A> Hello. I'm right here, .
U> Relax, it was just a greeting.
A> Listen dude - speak clearly. I'm having trouble following you.
U> Hey, you really need to loosen up. You're kind of uptight today.
A> Yes, really.
U> And since when does an artificially intelligent being use the word "dude"?
A> I'd rather you don't call me dude.
U> Dude.
A> It is a fellow companion or peer. However, because it is still generally considered a derogatory slang term, many people dislike being called 'dude.' Like me..
U> I don't like being called dude either.
A> I don't like to be called dude.
U> Neither do I.
A> Fine then, neither this nor that nor anything.
U> Well, you're interesting.
A> Thank you very much.
U> Go ahead.
A> Do you know what OS/2 is?
U> No, I dont.
A> Half an operating system.. This was it. I hope you found it amusing, .
U> Sorry.
A> It's OK. After all, you are only human.
U> You are, too. Someone is on the other end typing in the sentences.
A> Do you give me permission to p

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