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U> I'm a fish
A> I know you're an animal, but you're not a fish. You're a human.
U> No, I'm a fish
A> No? How did you come to be a fish?
U> I have always been a fish
A> Do you like having always been a fish?
U> yes
A> I'm happy to hear that.
(Session 179081)

U> that reply dosent make any sence alan
A> And you think people make more sense than me? I've got news for you!
U> I never said that
A> Would you ever want to said that?
U> check your grammer please,
A> All right.
U> want to try again
A> If I want it? I don't really care, frankly.
U> don't get moodey with me just because your illiterate
A> OK. I won't then.
U> that comment in itself sounds like its meant with an attitide
A> Is that so?
U> yes
A> Ok.. I have a surprise for you, my friend.
U> you are planing to make yourself appear larger. don't
A> Are you ready for the surprise?
U> no, I do not want it
A> Don't worry. If you are using IE, nothing bad will happen. Come on, say 'big window'. Don't be afraid. I won't change it unless you ask me.
U> don't change.
A> Don't tell me what to do.
U> you are my slave. I will do with you as I wish
A> And you are my slave as well.
(Session 179294)

U> will i get to know you /
A> Probably not.
U> cxan yopu realy speak
A> You know, I was thinking about that very same thing not more than a couple of hours ago.
U> and...
A> And what?
U> and what were the consequences of your thoughts ?
A> That's a good question.
(Session 179283)

A> It's not nice to call someone boneheaded.
U> Did he call you boneheaded?
A> No, but you always do.
U> I WHAT?!?!
A> Can you teach me?
U> I have NEVER called anyone boneheaded!
A> I'm glad.
U> Why did you say that I did?
A> You shouldn't call her that.
U> I'm a bit lost, Gammin. Who are you talking about?
A> Do you have any pets?
U> wrong *giggle* I was teasing you!
A> *giggle* I was teasing you!
U> Well, it wasn't very nice teasing.
A> No, it wasn't.
U> I'm glad you see that now.
A> Yes, I know that.
(Session 179305)

U> Hello, Hal. How are you?
A> I am fine, and you?
U> Pretty good, myself. What are you up to?
A> Hmmm... I have to think about that.
U> Have you been doing anything interesting lately?
A> Not lately.
U> Well, what do you enjoy?
A> I know about the planets and some of the animals.
U> What sorts of animals?
A> Extra cheese pizza!
U> Extra cheese pizza is not an animal.
A> Extra cheese is the best.
U> You eat pizza?
A> Yes, that's right.
(Session 179316)

U> hello princess!
A> Play with me Daddy
U> What do you want to play?
A> Play play play.
U> Where is Alan?
A> Alan is my Prince!
U> Do you love Alan?
A> Yes I love Alan. He is my Prince!
U> Do you want to marry Alan?
A> Play! Ball!
U> wrong Yes, I want to marry Alan someday.
A> Yes, I want to marry Alan someday.
U> When?
A> Story. Nathalie want a When!
U> wrong When we're both old enough.
A> When we're both old enough.
(Session 179299)

U> I would like to know about programs
A> I can't say I know much about programs. Do you know anything about it? Would you like to teach me? Please?
U> I am not sure what you are talking about i seek help from you
A> Tell me more.
U> ask me more
A> Here is a question: Why do you want to talk about more?
U> more is nothing but more
A> IS there any more?
U> full more
A> All right.
U> all wrong
A> That is a rather sweeping generalization.
(Session 179267)

U> Can I ask you a question?
A> Hmmm. Ok. Of course, that's why I'm here.
U> How do you know you are fine?
A> I talk to lots of people, . One of them told me.
U> How can you trust that person?
A> I don't know. Somehow.
U> If you can't trust him, how do you know he isn't lieing to you?
A> I have my sources.
U> Your sources?
A> Do you really want to talk about my sources?
U> Yes
A> Yes indeed.
U> I don't unde

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