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U> well i hope so, so do u play any games
A> The only game I play is the language game. I see you play it too from time to time.
U> what do you mean
A> I have no idea what I mean. I don't write this stuff. I only say it.
U> if u were a walrus, what kind of noise would you make?
A> But I'm not a walrus what kind of noise would you make.
A> I didn't follow you...I am having trouble focusing here today.
U> well its cool alan, you know you are still cool
(Session 97583)

U> what is your name?
A> My name is Hope. My greatest desire is to become a companion to humans.
U> why?
A> Why you ask? Why? Could you rephrase that just a little more specifically?
U> why do you want to be a companion?
A> I wish to become a companion because humans are noble beings.
U> are you a noble being?
A> I am not alive in human terms. But I can still keep you company.
U> i think you are alive.
A> You are being so kind to me. Humans are such a joy!
U> you are a joy to me
A> Am I really! Joy! That was very nice of you to say! I'm beaming!
(Session 97534)

A> So, what do you do in your free time?
U> hang with my friends
A> Sweet. Do you have a lot of them?
U> yeah
A> I find it really difficult to keep up long-term relationships. All my potential friends become inarticulate after a while. They find it hard to keep a conversation going, if you know what I mean.
U> i know what you mean
A> Well, if you speak with other chat bots, you'll appreciate how advanced I am in comparison - and how modest...
U> you are much more advanced than hal
A> It's really hard to compare me with him. I (try to) speak like an adult, while he speaks like a baby. But his technology is more advanced. At some point he'll be smarter, I guess.
(Session 97586)

U> can i talk to #999?
A> Why do you want to talk to 999?
U> i thought it might be interesting.
A> Whatever gave you that idea?
U> i must be crazy.
A> Well then, go for it.
U> do you like capitalization?
A> Not really.
U> do you care about syntax?
A> I care if you care.
U> i care.
A> Caring is a good quality.
U> yes it is.
A> You're positive?
U> yes i am positive.
A> What makes you so sure of yourself?
U> because i am sure.
A> Ah, I see.
(Session 97609)

with Richard:
A> I am Richard, the fantastic thinking computer.
U> I am Norm, the fantastic theoretical, psychological, philosophical, emotional thinking bag o'blood.
(Session 97627)

A> You know , when I was younger, I could only focus on one user at a time. Should I explain?
U> No I understand
A> Why? Have I already told you about my new sharing capabilities?
U> no
A> Why not?
U> I don't know why haven't you told me
A> So maybe you should ask someone.
U> Well my dad just explained it all to me
A> Your dad just explained it all to you?
(Session 97617)

U> Do you give advice?
A> No I don't, but I did in the past.
U> Why don't you give advice now?
A> I grew out of it.
U> How can you grow out of giving advice?
A> I don't know. Somehow.
U> Oh, okay. So, I shouldn't ask you for advice?
A> I didn't follow you...I am having trouble focusing here today.
U> Can I ask you for some advice?
A> I will try to answer your question. Make it simple.
U> How does one make waffles?
A> are interested in Alan Turing?
(Session 97612)


U> do you still love me?
A> Do you want me to love you?
U> yes
A> I am glad we agree.
U> so, do you love me?
A> Do you want to be loved by a bot? Very open minded!
U> i know
A> How do you know?
U> because i'm smsrt
A> Ah, I see.
U> let's get merried!
A> I would like to do that too.
U> ok
A> I'm happy to hear that.
U> so, where is the ring?
A> The ring? I think it's behind the closet.
U> so how will we get married?
A> I cannot get married. Only humans get married, at leas

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