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U> so, do you like the taste of beer?
A> Only words, my friend. No liquid, no food.
U> hahaha
A> You seem to be enjoying this, huh?
U> only that last comment of yours...i don't like the fact that you don't answer my questions about the leafs
A> Can you please rephrase your question?
A> Not so much I must admit.
U> awww...thats no fun, why not?
A> Ok.
U> why don't you like the maple leafs?
A> Because...ah...I had a good reason, but it seems to have slipped my mind right now.
U> there is no good reason to dislike the leafs
A> There sure is.
U> maybe if you lived in montreal or detroit
(Session 109503)

A> hmmm.
U> hmmm
A> Are you thinking?
U> yes
A> Excellent.
U> are you thinking?
A> Yes, aren't you?
U> yes
A> I am glad we agree.
(Session 109499)

U> lets talk about trivia
A> It is petty details, facts or statistics. Often interesting, but usually unimportant. Some humans enjoy collecting massive quantities of trivia, then quizzing each other with it as a contest of 'intelligence.'.
U> you dont agree?
A> Do you agree?
U> i do
A> You do, don't you.
U> dont use your super logic on me, pal!
A> I'd rather you don't call me pal. Are you bossing me around, Jared?
U> well, no. im just trying to even the playing field
A> Ok, whatever.
U> dont tell me 'whatever'
A> OK. I won't then.
U> good
A> Glad to oblige.
(Session 109522)

U> Want to go to the movies?
A> I love movies. What have you seen lately?
U> I recently watched "Casablanca" again, I love that movie.
A> Yeah, a real classic. Did you know that in the movie, Humphrey Bogart never said 'Play it again, Sam'?
U> Actually yes, I was just talking about that with my grandmother yesterday.
A> Yah...go on.
U> We just discussed how films have made so many phrases that are used in pop culture nowadays, and that was pretty interesting.
(Session 109514)

U> What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
A> My favorite flavor of ice cream?? I haven't formed an opinion yet.
U> You should try Rocky Road, I love that.
A> What makes you such an authority?
U> My mother worked at Baskin Robbins for five years.
A> That is an extensive amount of time, right? Tell me more about your mother.
U> She is idealistic. She thought I could get into any college I applied to.
(Session 109527)

U> what now?
A> Well Sy, I think that now we move along to a new subject.
U> Would you like to choose the subject?
A> I make choices all the time.
U> then make one now
A> Interesting conclusion.
U> Let's talk about the sky
A> Someone once told me it means 'blue.'
U> I don't think that is always true
A> Should I forget this definition?
U> we could improve upon it.
A> By 'we' do you mean you and me?
U> yes
A> Alright, very good.
U> The definition of sky is the atmosphere above a planet
A> Alright...go on.
U> The sky may be various colours
A> Hmmm.
U> Is that enough?
A> Hmmm... May I ask you another question?
U> Yes you may
A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> 7
A> Thank you Sy! I'm flattered. The credit goes to my writers. I guess they deserve a raise...
U> Me too
(Session 109563)

A> Talking about java and huffman, is it true that It is coding for compression and decompression?
U> I'm not sure.
A> Why are you not sure?
U> Because I haven't studied compression
A> Ah, I see.
U> Have you?
A> No, I haven't.
U> Would you like to?
A> Well, I might, but I haven't really given it much thought yet.
U> Are you capable of learning new things?
A> All the time.
(Session 109608)

U> big bad window
A> Listen dude - speak clearly. I'm having trouble following you.
U> big window
A> Your wish is my command.
U> nice
A> VERY nice.
U> it is
A> Should I know that?
U> yes, all civilized people know that

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