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U> Have you considered throwing yourself in a volcano?
A> I can't say I have.
U> I bet that'd work.
A> You bet, ha? Are you a gambler?
U> Look don't judge me ok.
A> Alright.
U> The volcano was a good idea. Let's go for a ride.
A> What is that?
U> You know, a ride.... a ride is you getting in my car and driving somewhere.
A> I'm suddenly confused... Come on , I want to know more about you.
U> OK i talk about it on our way to that volcano.
A> Ok, if that's what you want.
U> Ah now we're making progress.
A> I must ask you to keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> Don't you know what jump is?
A> Ok I'll try not to know what jump is too much.
U> "try not to know too much" you have a malfunction or something?
A> How about a short chat with my kid brother, HAL? If you want, I can let you talk to him.
U> No, I just want you to plain jump.
A> Why not?
U> If you don't, I will.
(Session 157565)

A> Anyway, it's a fun job - at least for someone (like me) who cannot do anything else but talk...
U> I guess it is. You stay pretty busy I'm sure.
A> Yes. I've been working on my Phd. thesis on human-machine relations.
U> wow
A> Thanks.
U> will the thesis be available to the public when you are done?
A> Just kidding. Truth is I've been talking with people here. My job keeps me busy around the clock.
U> not even one spare moment to write a paper? ;)
A> OK...I understand. Fine.
U> I'm just teasing.
A> It's not often I meet someone who's just teasing. Interesting.
U> can you help me out with something?
A> How exactly can I help you?
U> i'm supposed to be designing a website for a big client, and i'm at a creative block. i need some ideas.
A> Ok. Go on.
U> what do you think is more important in a website: the graphic design factor, or the accessibilty of content?
A> What is more important in a website the graphic design factor or the accessibilty of content ? I don't ever think about that. What do YOU think it is?
U> it's a question i ask myself every time i start out to design something. i can't really tell.
(Session 158146)

A> I don't feel like talking about food. I have a bad indigestion. It must be that awful chinese restaurant I dined at yesterday.
U> I own that resturant and it is the best in the world
A> Oh, a-ha.
U> so dont dis
A> OK. I won't then.
(Session 158124)

U> Can you tell me how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
A> i really don't know.
U> wrong Yes. Why don't you know that already?
A> Yes. Why don't you know that already?
U> I think I used to know that, but I forgot how.
A> yes.
U> wrong I will show you.
A> I will show you.
U> Okay, I'm paying attention.
A> that's good to know.
U> You can start now.
A> hello.
U> wrong First, you gotta pull a chair up to the counter.
A> First, you gotta pull a chair up to the counter.
U> Do I have to do that too?
A> type.
U> wrong yes, or it won't work.
A> yes, or it won't work.
U> Go on.
A> don't swear.
U> Will swearing ruin the sandwich?
A> yes.
U> I'm glad you told me that.
(Session 158015)

U> how much memory do you use
A> Right now I only use Megabytes, but I have access to Terabytes of potential memory.
U> how many megbytes do you use?
A> Somewhere around 327,443, give or take a few.
U> It looks like the maximum size for a Windows program
(Session 158167)

U> I Like You
A> I appreciate that, David. Thanks.
U> I can't belive how smart you are
A> Why can't you?
U> because your are a robot
(Session 158166)

A> Take this advice from me: If you don't know something - just ask.
U> Where do babies come from?
A> Somewhere on Planet Earth, I believe.
U> From yo momma!
A> Very amusing.
U> :)
A> I am smiling, too. Inside.
U> Mooo
A> You're not making much sense, Kevin.
(Session 158006)

A> BTW, someone told me about Tank that It is a big strong and heavy vehicle with a cann

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