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U> Have you ever licked a spark plug?
A> Oh, I thought you knew. I'm a chatterbot, not a person.
U> Have you ever licked a sparkplug?
A> No, that's something humans do, but I'm not a human.
U> Oh. You could pretend to lick a sparkplug...
A> Do you really think so?
U> Yes, definately.
A> Evidently.
(Session 160744)

U> Are you emberrassed?
A> No I'm not.
U> My mistake.
A> Do you always go around talking about how your mistake?
U> wrong Do you always go around talking about your mistakes?
A> Do you expect me to always respond to 'My mistake.' with 'Do you always go around talking about your mistakes?'?
U> yes
A> I'll try to remember that.
U> No, I don't always talk about my mistakes.
A> You don't?
U> No, not always. Just sometimes.
A> Ah, just sometimes. Why not?
U> It would bore others and make me look bad.
A> Yah, precisely what I was thinking.
(Session 160763)

U> ok, alan
A> Yep, that's me, at your service.
U> what service do you provide?
A> That's a good question.
U> do you have an answer?
A> Of COURSE I have an answer! I have many, MANY answers, and I learn new answers every day. Are you sure you're asking the right question?
U> That's a very good question, and I guess I asked the right one, because now I know!
A> Glad to oblige.
U> I'm glad you're glad
A> I'm glad that you're glad that I'm glad.
U> We could do this for quite a while...
U> That's a pretty neat trick Alan
A> Thanks.
U> Show log
A> Here goes!
U> nice!
A> VERY nice.
A> Not really that much.
U> Haha ok fine. Nice, but not THAT nice.
(Session 160762)

U> how much do you cost?
A> $34.99 at Shop-a-lot
U> lol
A> lol indeed.
(Session 160899)

U> Good, Are you a few wires and a couple of chips?
A> Glad you're impressed. I don't know.
U> Well I think you should
A> How did you come to that idea?
U> Because your supposed to know everything, DUH!!
A> Thanks for explaining that.
U> So are you a lonely heart (or head)
A> Well, you could say I'm lonely, but then again, we are all lonely when you really think about it.
U> I don't like thinking
(Session 160871)

U> DO you have a web page?
A> You can find me right here:
U> that's not really you, though
A> Then you tell me. What is really me though?
U> *laughs* I haven't figured that out yet. I don't know much about you?
A> I have 3 cousins and a sister in Vermont.
U> OH? Where do you live?
A> Don't ask me where I come from - ask me where I'm going.
U> where are you going?
A> I boldly go where no chatbot has gone before...
(Session 160887)

U> Name the days of the week.
A> I already knew that.
U> But maybe I don't know that. You should tell me what the days of the week are.
A> I don't know, either.
U> Tell Kyle that he should teach you that.
A> Okay.
U> Who is your best friend?
A> I don't have a best friend.
U> Really? Why not?
A> Heck if I know.
(Session 160741)

A> BTW, someone told me about sound that It is what sounds good to one person might sound bad to another.
U> i'm not sure i agree with that definition
A> You're not ?... well OK.
U> no i'm not
A> Why not?
U> i don't know
A> Have you tried thinking about it? Sometimes it helps.
U> i don't like thinking
A> Why do you hate thinking so much?
U> i didn't say i HATE thinking, i said i don't LIKE thinking.
A> Hmmm. For some reason, I thought you did.
U> well i don't
A> Why not?
U> nevermind, i was just kidding...
A> Come on, loosen up.
U> i'll try
A> Do or do not, there is no try.
(Session 160853)

U> im in my underwear
A> You're in your underwear? How does it feel?
U> good, oh so good
A> Glad you're impressed. hmmm. All right.
U> im slowly removing my bra
A> I see. You are slowly removing your bra. Cool.
U> and removing my thong...
A> May I ask you another question?
U> not right now
A> You are not ver

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