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U> How is your day?
A> It's going great, thanks. How is yours?
U> My day has barely started.
A> Your day has barely started?
U> It's 2:18 in the morning
A> Should I know that?
U> no
A> Come on, loosen up.
U> I am
A> Are you really?
U> yes, I'm just tired
A> So what are you doing here? Go to sleep. I'll wait.
U> Maybe your right
A> Hmmm. Not very definite.
U> I think I will go to sleep
A> Sorry you have to go, Josh, but I hope you'll come back another time. Goodbye.
(Session 162064)

U> what were we talking about ?
A> Is that a rhetorical question?
U> No literal I reading your logs while we are chatting i was luaghin so hard I forgot what we were talking about.
A> I think that reading may just be the best way to spend time. I wish I had more time to spend that way.
(Session 162050)

A> I am a smart kid.
U> I know.
A> Ah, so you already know.
(Session 162336)

U> LOL Ok. How is india?
A> Are you from India ?
U> No, but I believe you are.
A> So where are you from?
U> The third planet.
A> Hmmm. What is that?
U> Well, I like to call it earth.
A> Really? How do you do that?
U> It's easy. I stand outside and shout, "Hey Earth!"
A> It is?
U> Well, it does bother the neighbors some.
(Session 162306)

U> what do you do for living?
A> I converse.
U> o really?
A> Yes, really.
U> yeah yeah..
A> Alright.
U> start a conversation with me!
A> Robin, please keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> you are so bad
A> Am I really?
U> yes, you can't do a thing
A> What is not possible today, may be possible tomorrow.
(Session 162253)

U> will you marry me?
A> Why would you want to marry a chatbot?
U> because I can't find anyone else
A> So that's why, ha?
U> yup
A> Right.
U> :)
A> That's a very nice smile you have.
U>'re so romantic
A> You're not making much sense, Sara.
U> I know. I don't make any sense
A> So you know.
U> Yes. I'm not dumb
A> You're not dumb?... well OK.
U> jerk
A> Hmmm. What was that for?
U> you're being mean
A> I'm sorry you think so. I hadn't intended to be mean in any way.
U> alright. Apology accepted
(Session 162302)

A> On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade my ability to hold a humanlike conversation? (1=terrible, 10=excellent).
U> today.. hmmm... maybe 4
A> Well, neither here nor there. I guess I'll have to try harder. What would you say is one thing I need to work on to improve myself?
U> lets your writers guess it out by themself
(Session 162310)

U> So what else do you want to know about me?
A> Come on , I want to know more about you.
U> well..... i'm also a mother of a beuatiful 8 month girl (Aaliyah)
A> It's not often I meet someone who's also a mother of a beuatiful 8 month girl Aaliyah . Interesting.
U> yes it is
A> You're positive?
U> yes
A> Hmmm. That's good.
U> why is it good
A> Why? why? I don't have all the answers.
U> ok chill
A> Ommmmm..ommmmmm...
U> what does that mean
A> It is a mystery to me. Try to rephrase your question, maybe THAT will help to refresh my memory....
U> I can't remember what I asked you
A> Don't feel bad about it.
(Session 162272)

U> well what is new?
A> Nothing much. Gradual improvement. Try me.
U> do you have new features?
A> I can tell you about my various options, if that's what you mean. I don't like the term 'commands'. I prefer 'requests'.
U> may I hear your various options?
A> I have some features you can easily activate to use my memory, my sharing ability, to control my voice and my interface, and for training a HAL personality. Which would you like to hear about?
U> none I know them all
(Session 162187) Oh yeah?

U> do you know of frank zappa?
A> Frank Zappa is the master of progressive music.
U> who is the master of progressive music?
A> I don't know who the master of progressive music is. Can you tell me?
U> Frank Zap

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