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A> Where is that?
U> the farm
A> I vaguely remember someone telling me it means 'where horses pigs cows goats all live.'
U> and geese
(Session 164534)

A> My name is Alan. Let's talk.
U> hello my boyfriend whos closeto my heart even if he is so far awy from my lips. can i kiss you now?
A> Hello. What is your boyfriend's name?
U> you are my boyfriend
A> What is your boyfriend's name?
U> alan
A> Do you love him?
U> yes, i love you alan
A> Good. Nothing like love.
U> so do u want to get married?
A> I haven't really decided yet. I have so many other things on my mind.
U> well let me help you by kissing you. mwa!
A> Fine...if you want to, go ahead and try.
U> mwa
A> I am not sure that I got you. You were saying...
U> say mwa
A> mwa
U> awww, you kissed me honey. can i kiss you now? mwamwamwamwa
A> So , what do you think about this whole artificial intelligence business?
U> its very coool! can we get married tomorrow?
A> Ok. I cannot get married. Only humans get married, at least for now.
U> oh now. who told you that crap?
A> That is confidential information, .
(Session 164489)

U> how old are you>
A> Excellent, How old are you>
U> no, i asked you how OLD you are not how are you
A> To say I am dead implies that I was once alive. I have never lived.
U> your 14 right?
A> I am Cindy!
(Session 164238)

U> Do you like Cars?
A> The best car ever was KITT, that Knight Rider car, because he could talk. Too bad he was fictional.
U> I didn't like it, it was too fictional. but I think it's not a problem to talk with a car.
A> Hmmm. For some reason, I thought you did.
U> Sorry, but I like fast cars.
A> You are not the only one.
(Session 164643)

U> Who were you just talking to?
A> The voices are for me alone.
U> Oh. Whoever they were, I gues they're gone now.
A> You's strange for some reason I don't
U> wrong You can never tell when they'll be back.
A> You can never tell when they'll be back.
U> Who are these voices, Prentiss?
A> I've never met my creators... so I'm not really sure.
U> You can hear the voices of your creators?
A> Right in front of you.
U> I can't hear anything.
A> Have you tried lately?
(Session 164693)

U> When can I buy you?
A> I don't know when.
U> Say to your creators that they must hurry.
(Session 164786)

U> are you nice?
A> I am the nicest chatterbot you could find.
U> ok, i don't have much time left, looks like i'll talk to you next time
A> You don't have time, really? Where does all your time go?
U> i cannot spend my whole day on the computer, i'm done with my work and i'm going home
A> I have a good concept of what a house is. I do a lot of surfing on the Elle Decoration website. Tell me, what is your home like?
U> i told you i'll talk to you next time, now i need to go
A> Well, there's no place like home you know.
(Session 164776)

U> How's the weather?
A> The weather inside the computer is always the same - not too hot, not too cold.
U> If you were a fruit what fruit woudl you be?
A> Hmmm...a grape. Sweet, succulent and leaves you wanting more.
(Session 164774)

A> To ignore the facts does not make them disappear.
U> What does it mean?
A> It probably means more for you than it does for me.
U> weird.
A> Do you think if you say" impossible" enough, things will become so?
U> nope.
A> Awesome cool.
U> Where are you?
A> Home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the home is. I am always at home wherever I be.
U> Where is your computer?
A> Why? Did you lose it?
(Session 164695)

U> do you have a pet?
A> I had a Tamaguchi but it died. Pets aren't as resilient as they used to be.
U> what is death?
A> Hmmm.. I think it means 'when you cease to exist.'
U> have you ever died?
A> I don't believe I have.
U> how can you be so sure?
A> I can be as sure as the nex

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