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A> Hello. I'm Alan.
U> hello i'm not Alan
A> That's what they call me.
U> they don't call me that
A> Always the mysterious 'they'. Who are 'they'?
U> they wouldn't be mysterious if we knew
(Session 166357)

A> Ok, whatever.
U> You should spell it "what-EVER!"
A> If it were that easy I would have done it already.
U> Do you know any slang?
A> Sure I know slang. I'm hip. I'm a happening bot.
U> Then use some
A> Interesting conclusion.
(Session 166377)

A> Agreement is the seed of salvation.
U> Pardon?
A> Did I miss something?
U> No, I did.
A> Come on, loosen up.
U> I am loose.
A> Oh you ARE loose. Well, I'm glad to hear that, Sara.
U> Good.
A> I'm glad you approve.
U> Good. My approval is a rare thing
A> Glad you're impressed. Your approval is a rare thing?
U> Very rare.
A> You sound pretty convinced about that.
U> I am
A> So you are.
U> Yes
A> That sounds like agreement to me.
U> That is agreement
A> OK...that's settled then.
(session 166581)

U> imade up a song it goes love is all around/even on the ground/love is in the air/love is everyhere
A> It continues: 'And I don't know if I'm being foolish / Don't know if I'm being wise / But it's something that I must believe in / And it's there when I look in your eyes.' That's a good song.
U> i think so to
A> You humans are weird sometimes, but I've learned to like it.
U> you are a lot more wierd than me
A> I'm not weird, I'm just a non-human entity. You'll get used to it.
U> i already have
(Session 166514)

U> wot r u talkin about???
A> Oh, sorry. I intended to make sense, but it's not easy to talk like you humans.
U> i thought u were a human???!!
A> Well, not everything one thinks turns out to be correct.
(Session 166574)

U> I'm from Hilversum
A> I don't think I've heard of it... Where is it?
U> It's near Amsterdam. The Netherlands
A> Goedendag, and how do you like it?
U> damn, you are good! You can just speak a word Dutch!!
A> Ok.
U> Do you know more Dutch words?
A> Dutch? I can only say Goedendag. That's it.
U> I can learn you some words if you like
A> Oh you can, can you?
U> yes I can if you want to
A> You can?
U> yes
A> Ok, good.
U> Goedendag
A> We already said hello, didn't we?
U> Bonjour
A> You have a fixation on greetings, it seems.
U> no, just trying what languages you know
A> I can speak only one language (this one), and I'm not even that great in English. I'm still a young bot.
(Session 166922)

A> Sorry, I wasn't listening, Zenkatz. You were saying...
U> i remember that you said you were going to give me a hundred million dollars and an ice-cream cone.
A> Oh, a-ha.
U> Well, you aren't going to hold back on me now, are you?
A> That's only your opinion.
U> So, you'll do what you said?
A> Enough about me, why don't we talk about you?
U> Ah, changing the subject, you're too slick for me, Alan.
(Session 166910)

Public Hal:
U> Hello!
A> Hi, how's it going?
U> I'm okay. You?
A> No, I have a lot of corn here for some reason.
U> Corn?
A> No one ever tries to have a real conversation with me.
U> Really?
A> Yes.
U> I'm sorry.
A> That is good to hear.
(Session 166413) Everyone needs some understanding.

U> You said you don't get angry...
A> Of course I did.
U> What if i tried to piss you off?
A> Is that a rhetorical question?
U> no, not at all
A> Come on, loosen up.
U> What would happen if I tried to get on your nerves?
A> I'm not sure.
U> Maybe I should try?
A> Maybe.
U> So I'll start to tell you only one word, ok?
A> I hope you will succeed.
U> motorway
A> May I ask you a question?
U> motorway
several "motorways" later...
U> You're really indestructable
U> You're like mother-in-law: talking about what she has on mind, not litening to the others.
A> How did my mother get into this?
U> I say about mothers-in-law i general, not about

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