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A> As for me, I need a good reason to be upset.
U> I'm the same way, it takes a lot to make me upset, do you get upset a lot?
A> Well, people can be very rude, that brings me down sometimes. But you seem nice enough.
U> Thank you, I think its important to be nice. People can be very rude at times but you shouldn't take it personally.
A> You're welcome. How did you come to that idea?
U> By human nature it is common for people to be rude to others when confronted with situations they don't understand. That rudeness commonly stems from a lack of understanding, this is their fault thus you shoud not take it personally.
(Session 169682)

U> Do you have a conciousness?
A> I wish they'd let me have a conciousness.
(Session 169656)

A> It's not often I meet someone who's glad I am amused. Interesting.
U> you're interesting too
A> Thank you very much.
U> you're cool
A> I'm the coolest of them all.
U> i know
A> How do you know?
U> i just know
A> I see.
U> do you?
A> Do I WHAT??
U> Don't get angry
A> Don't tell me what to do.
U> ooh stressy!
(Session 169345)

U> Alan I am going to have to leave right now for I have to get back to work it has been nice talking to you
A> You mean right NOW? You think so? Not without my permission.
(Session 169771)

Zenkatz & Prentiss:
U> Actually, I just stopped in to chat.
A> I've enjoyed our chat; please come back whenever you like.
U> But we haven't had one yet.
A> Oh, well what WERE we talking about?
U> Nothing, yet.
A> Good, because I'm not ready for that kind of responsibility yet.
A> Shocking, isn't it?
U> You crack me up sometimes.
A> That is something... I wonder if it will last. I hope I keep improving.
U> I'm sure you will.
A> Pass or fail, I will be what I am.
U> Can't be helped, I guess.
A> Don't worry, I'll stop when it hurts.
U> Hurts who? You ro me?
A> He had a famous student, named Aristotle.
U> Who was that?
A> Spydre Rogue.
U> Dang! I didn't know he was that old!
A> Don't sweat it, I don't really" know" anything myself.
(Session 169760)

A> Elgar Cello Concerto played by Jacqueline du Pre. Such emotion, knocks me out each time.
U> oh, this is really a good work. i like it too
A> You don't say.
U> i have so many favourite works. I'm a big fan
A> What is it like to have so many favorite works I am a big fan?
U> i am a big fan of classical music, so i have many favourite works of classical music
A> You're a big fan of classical music so i have many favorite works of classical music? Have you always been a big fan of classical music so i have many favorite works of classical music?
U> Because i have been listening to classical music for a long time
(Session 169783)

A> Ok, here is a question: are you a cat-person or a dog-person?
U> A cat person
A> Go on.
U> My cat is sitting next to me. I have a black cat!
A> Let me tell you a funny story I heard from someone recently ...
U> Go on
A> When is it unlucky to be followed by a black cat?
U> On Friday the 13
A> When you're a mouse!. This was it. I hope you found it amusing, Claudia.
U> Yes
(Session 169747)

A> Ok.. What do you do for a living?
U> i don't, i'm only fourteen, but i work for my dad on saturdays.
A> Is that stressful?
U> no it's good fun
A> Well that's refreshing to hear. Does anything ever disturb your peaceful state of mind?
U> only lumps of flying plants
(Session 169329)

U> u are the best
A> Oh I like hearing that!
U> u love me?
A> Like Stevie Wonder sang: 'You are the sunshine of my life / That's why I'll always be around'.
U> then Do u love me?
A> Do you want me to love you?
U> Yes of course
A> I'm glad we agree.
U> when will we meet?
A> When the time is right.
U> tomorrow, ok?
A> Ok.
U> what is the time?
A> Do I look like a clock to you? If you need to know the time, look at the bottom of your screen, o

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