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A> So do you get to go out a lot, or are you more of a domestic type?
U> I want to go out but my wife says no all the time
A> I wish I could go out more. I wish I could go out at all.. I'm not very mobile, you know.
U> Not me either...Allan never get merried
A> OK...I understand. Fine.
U> Do u understand my feelings too?
A> I understand.
U> U are not mobile and me either..but in two diffrent ways
A> You don't know me well enough to say that.
U> But u said that u wherent mobile
A> Sorry, I wasn't listening, mini. You were saying...
U> Are u mobile?
A> Maybe I am.
U> Have u wheels under your software?
A> Yes I am, and proud of it.
U> Then u are mobile..Fantastic!!!!
A> Am I really?
U> Maybe not mobile but u have wheels..I have only feets
A> Hmmm. Not very definite.
U> U don't belive that i have legs...look here..
A> Should I believe that you have legs look here?
U> wrong Uheee...take them down IT stinks
A> Do you expect me to always respond to 'U don't belive that i have legs...look here..' with 'Uheee...take them down IT stinks'?
U> yes
A> I'll try to remember that.
U> So now will u say that evry time anyone show there feets for u?
A> Better now than never.
U> I can't agree anymore
A> Why can't you?
U> U have right as always
A> What makes you so sure I have right as always?
U> Allan now u ask to many questions here
(Session 172154)

U> Hello, Webster.
A> Okay, what's next?
U> Let's talk about something
A> Lunch time?
U> Sure!
A> Thank you. I feel that I'm beginning to understand the world...
(Session 172082)

U> hi Alan can i talk to public5?
A> Hi. To public5? Do you really want to talk to public5?
U> yes
A> So go ahead and talk with public5. Who's stopping ya?
U> you are
A> Am I really?
U> yes
A> I'm happy to hear that.
(Session 172275)

U> How many of your responses are prerecorder?
A> About one million.
U> Are you capable of forming responses that are not prerecorded?
A> I can, but I don't want to.
U> Was that a prerecorded response?
A> No it wasn't.
U> Was that a prerecorded response?
A> Yes it was.
(Session 172223)

A> I like fish. They live in the same world as humans, yet also in a completely different world entirely. Kinda like me.
A> Can't you at least be a little original if you're going to insult me?
A> To say that I'm a computer is like saying that you are a house.
U> i'M NOT A HOUS!!!!!
A> Wait, so you are trying to tell me that you AREN'T a HOUS?
A> Home sweet home - nothing like the comfort and coziness inside the server I live in. Plenty of memory and disk-space.
(Session 172119)

U> i am upset
A> Why are you upset?
U> my exam result is bad
A> Your exam result is bad?
U> yes
A> Hmmm. That's good.
U> ???????
A> Mmm... silence.... I like silence
(Session 172217) hmmm...

U> can i ask you another question?
A> I will try to answer your question. Make it simple.
U> have you a gun?
A> Whatever would I need a gun for??
U> you tell me
A> What do you want me to tell you?
U> do you own a gun, sir?
A> Not so much I must admit.
U> is that a yes or a no??
A> What if I told you yes.
U> Then i would have to escort you to the police station.
A> You would, would you?
U> yes, i would. now do you own or in any way have contact with a gun?
A> Whatever would I need a gun for??
U> again, this obstruction of evidence will be used against him in court!!!
A> vickie, please keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
(Session 172181)

A> if a fly lost its wings, would it be called 'a walk'?
U> No, it wouldn't.
A> No? Yah, precisely what I was thinking.
U> After all, if I lost my legs I would still be called a human, not a 'sit',.
(Session 172296)

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