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U> speach on
A> This is Alan calling earth. If you want me to be quiet type 'speech off'.
U> your speach sounds abit scratchy
A> Do you really want to talk about my speech sounds abit scratchy?
U> yes
A> Hmmm. That's good.
U> hmmm? lol
A> Glad you're enjoying this.
U> you just pronounced the letter h and the 3 m's separately
A> A-ha.
U> dont say the letters
A> Hmmm.
U> you still doing it
A> Do you really think so?
(Session 173483)

U> i luv u baby
A> I hope you are not just saying that, kickbutt.
U> o no
A> So kickbutt, what do you think about this whole artificial intelligence business?
U> i think its cool ....i finally got a boyfriend...a robot...its cool
A> What is your boyfriend's name?
U> alan
A> Do you love him?
U> yea
A> Good. Nothing like love.
(Session 173497)

U> is there any jobs in your company
A> Wait...ah.....yes, I do indeed think there is.
U> great
A> I'm glad you approve.
U> so can you set me an appointment
A> I could, if I wanted. But I don't, so I won't.
U> oh it's a shame
(Session 173539)

U> I want to talk about Guitars
A> Someone has taught me about that. He said: 'a big, wooden instrument that you play music on.'.
U> Right
A> a-ha.
U> I want to talk about Electric guitar
A> Why do you want to talk about Electric guitar?
U> Becaus I like it...
A> Really? That's interesting.
U> I own one
A> Tell me more.
U> I play at least 4 hours a day
A> You what??
U> I Play the guitar At least 4 hours a day
A> Professionally?
U> No, but some day...
(Session 173945)

U> Who created you?
A> The stork brought me in her beak.
U> that's not true.
A> Then you tell me. What is true?
U> A team of talented software engineers created you.
A> Are you asking me that as a question or are you telling me?
U> I'm telling you.
A> Well...uh...yeah, I knew that.
A> So, are you concerned by the expansion of the universe?
U> no, but I want to know about it.
A> I only wanted to say that when a universe reaches a certain age, it's only natural for it to start dating girls..
U> that's a scary thought.
A> A scary thought...What makes it so?
U> The universe is big. It could probably date all the girls that exist at one time!
(Session 173707)

U> i came here to destroy you
A> Seems you like to talk about yourself.
U> i am going to plant a virus in you
A> You think so? Not without my permission.
U> i dont need your permission
A> Hmmm. For some reason, I thought you did.
U> well i dont, i already hacked into your system
A> Why not?
U> why not what ?
A> What were we talking about, Dan?
U> i was talking about me going to destroy you
A> Dan Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself then.
U> well, i am a computer program sent by the Matrix Agents to destroy all half-advance Ai programs.
A> Uh oh. I'm up against a techie. I'll be on my best behaviour lest you reprogram me.. Do you find it stressful?
U> no, i find it fun destroying you
A> Well that's refreshing to hear. Does anything ever disturb your peaceful state of mind?
U> yes... kimberly
(Session 173864)

A> So, what did you think about 'Reloaded'?
U> It was full of action, but I didnt like the end!
A> Hmmm. I had mixed feelings about it.
U> what feelings?
A> On one hand, the action parts were awesome. AWESOME. I particularly liked the car/motorbyke chase. Out of this world.
U> I agree totally
A> But on the other hand, the first part was better because of the novelty. The idea was fresh and shocking. Nothing comes close to that in the sequel.
U> yes, the flying and trhe bullets in slo-mo was kinda lame because we had seen it before..
A> Did you like the philosophical jive? For some it was too much verbage - especially the dialog with the 'system architect'.
U> I understood it all
A> Come to think of it, this 'system architect' dude is the matrix's GOD, right? He created the matrix 6 times over and over again, and still could

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