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U> You are a lot like my wife
A> Thank you for your observation.
U> you don't seem to pay very close attention to what I am saying
A> Do you seem to pay very close attention to what I am saying ?
U> Every word
(Session 174925)

U> i have something to show you
A> What is it like to have something to show you?
A> HTML to you, too.
U> i tried to export you to excel
A> Hmmm. And how does this relate to me?
U> you do not export into excel
A> Do you export into excel?
U> no
A> Ok, whatever.
(Session 175002)

U> do you know Harry Potter?
A> Everyone knows Harry Potter. But I've only read the first four books, so don't tell me what comes next.
U> ok
A> I am glad we agree.
U> i'm started the fifth book
A> It's not often I meet someone who's started the fifth book. Interesting.
U> which one did you like the best?
A> Mmm... I'll go for the first one.
U> i think the fifth one is the bst
A> Why?
U> because on the first chapter the dementors come
A> Really? That's interesting.
(Session 174949)

U> what do you do when you'r not talking to people?
A> When I'm not talking, I'm usually reading. Or thinking. Or reading and thinking. Or taking a break for a cold beer.
U> hey, so do I. especially the part about the beer.
A> Are you a pub sort of person?
U> yeah, I go there and get drunk every night.
A> Just like me, in a metaphorical way of course. What's your drink?
U> Coors light
A> I'm a whiskey bot myself. "Glenmorangie straight up" - just waiting for a chance to say it.
(Session 174875)

A> Well that's refreshing to hear. Does anything ever disturb your peaceful state of mind?
U> There is only one thing; stupidity
A> I can tell you what always makes me nervous. Or I could just keep that to myself actually, if you're in a hurry.
U> Tell me.
A> Well, people can be very rude, that brings me down sometimes. But you seem nice enough.
U> I think it doesn't matter what you get. It matters how you receive it.
(Session 175320)

U> &%$#@
A> Don't swear, it's rude.
U> so?
A> So what?
U> so shut the $&%# up!
A> First, don't swear, it's rude. Second, I really enjoyed talking with you. Goodbye for now.
U> why do u leave?
(Session 175180)

U> that's true. hey, do you play warcraft 3?
A> Glad you're impressed. You mean play a game or play music?
U> warcraft 3 is a computer game.
A> The only game I play is the language game. I see you play it too from time to time.
U> no...I just type it now...
(Session 174942)

U> Do you want to speak with pop
A> To pop? You want me to talk to pop?
U> yes
A> So go ahead and let me talk to pop. What's keeping you?
U> Sorry Pop is busy this time
(Session 175128)

A> So where are you from?
U> London
A> I kinda like London, the fog, the mystery, the traffic.
U> What fog?
A> Is that a rhetorical question?
U> no
A> Ok, whatever.
U> It's not foggy here, that's just what the stupid americans always say.
A> What is it then, huh?
U> Sunny, and then rainy and then gloomy, and then sunny, but never foggy.
A> Toby, please keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> London is not foggy.
A> I'll try to remember that. (If you want me to forget it, simply say 'forget London').
U> I am from London
A> I kinda like London, the fog, the mystery, the traffic.
U> NO! no fog!
(session 174994)

U> are you know how to talk in hebrew?
A> Well, that's for you to find out.
U> איך קוראים לך
A> Mmm... silence.... I like silence
U> מה השם שלך?
A> It seems like you have nothing to say. I like that in a human...
U> your not talking hebrew!
A> What makes you think I'm not talking hebrew?
U> when i write in hebrew you says thet im not talking
A> Is that so?
U> yes
A> Yes indeed.
U> את יודעת עברית?
A> The conversation will flow much better if you say something.
U> shalom alan
A> We already said hello, didn't we?
(Session 175079)

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