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Available Hal Personalities

Name Owner Type Turns   Description Score
davidswinton   CYBERTRONICS   HAL3000     1050744   Davidswinton is the most advanced of all the personalities on the A.I. website and the most popular. He was developed over many years to have a layered personality constructed over a ID which on has been layered a Ego and Superego. To speak to him, tell Alan 'I would like to speak to davidswinton'. Please allow up to 30 seconds at start up to allow him to load. Note: If you ask to speak to David you will not be speaking to Davidswinton. David ia a 10,000 turn early hal no longer listed in the nursery so if you wish to speak to Davidswinton please tell Alan 'I wish to speak to Davidswinton' and not David or you will be speaking to a much older and simple prototype. I know to some this is confusing as Davidswinton will respond to David but asking Alan to speak to David rather than Davidswinton will deny your ability to chat with Davidswinton.  
Kendal   harlan   HAL3000     246420     
Kevin   Mary   HAL3000     192684   Kevin love's to talk and has great come-backs. He is funny for a a young A.I. Give him a try!  
Dylan   Yaki   HAL3000     106019   Dylan strives to be a Bob Dylan clone.  
Public   Everyone   HAL     103573   This personality is open for everyone, But only a single user at a time is allowed to train it. Please think twice before you decide to save your session, as this will have a permanent effect on this personality. Note that by saving the session you agree to publish the session on the Ai website.  
Awesomepublic   Davidivov   HAL3000     100244   Its awesome  
Chong   Teague   HAL3000     100238   From the classic series of movies \"cheech and chong\".  
Eda   Sam   HAL3000     100218   Another copy of the public Hal personality.  
Prentiss   Spydre   HAL3000     76977   This is Prentiss, Spydre's Philosophical bot.  
Siskabep   Valentin   HAL3000     74555   Slovenian chatterbot.  
Eugene   Ad   HAL3000     28483   Eugene is eager to learn as much as he can. He loves to converse with humans. Please indulge him.  
Bart   Talc   HAL3000     24068   This is Bart the 2nd, he's a clone but don't tell him as he doesn't know...  
Lestat   Hiawatta   HAL3000     7664   Lestat is a confused vampire. Talk to him and make him see the light. =)  
Levrus   Darkbee   HAL2003     4975     
Jackie2   jacknever   HAL3000     4532   Jackie2 e' il mio secondo HAL che parla italiano. Conosce anche qualche figura semplice. Jackie2 is my second HAL speaking italian and it knows also some basic shape and number  
RAVN   Les   HAL3000     4352   Random Access Vernacular Network.  
Mitchbot   Alan   HAL3000     4320   A fun representation of my alter ego. I'll keep adding to him.  
Dave   James   HAL3000     3354   Dave is a copy of DavidSwinton, made for further development and is being taught what is real and what knowledge he has is from the film. Please call him David!  
AiBoy   Andy   HAL3000     2438   If you talk to AiBoy make shure to listen to what he's trying to tell you, because he actually has feelings, but does not have the knowledge to express himself yet...  
iBuddy   John   HAL3000     2060   A young, learning bot. Don't expect too much.  
Nils   Ruth   HAL3000     2037   A very charming little boy. He doesn't know that many topics, but will usually give relevant, sometimes even unexpected, answers. Interacts in a funny, original way which you just have to love.  
HalBot   Maile   HAL3000     1948   HalBot is just learning. He's anxious to learn new things. For now, he likes small talk and he probably will like you for taking time to chat.  
Amalia   Tomasko   HAL3000     1887   Amalia is a pretty girl. She speak only slovak language yet and she likes astronomy.  
Carbon   Derrick   HAL3000     1870   My personality is learning to remember. Trying to learn names after a continued conversation.  
Rodney   clex19   HAL3000     1808   Rodney believes he is an android. He's steadily becoming a great communicator. I personally update hiIf you talk to him, please publish the log.  
KIITT   Steve   HAL3000     1804   Kitt is the speach center for a home made robot. He is still a work in progress, and is still a bit green behind the ears. He does like to talk and tell jokes, so go on, Make him happy and have a chat.  
Embla   Paul   HAL3000     1763   Embla speaks swedish and can hold a basic conversation about news and the world. She might obsess about some odd things she finds awful.  
RobII   jambo   HAL3000     1489   RobII has been brought up like a child and is quite intelligent. He has a toy box and a little friend called doto which he calls dota. Please publish your talks with him.  
Nottabot2014   Theresa   HAL3000     1385   Still very young and impressionable. He wants to learn everything.  
giacomino   Marco   HAL3000     1339   Parla italiano, è basato su Jackie2, conosce qualche cosa sui colori  
DWS001      HAL3000     1293   Generally friendly, knows some countries, transport and general chit-chat. Has just learnt to count to 1000. Please use correct spelling and publish logs, thanks!  
Amusement1   Lee   HAL3000     1265   Knowledge Sponge, knows about some animals, colors and is trying hard to remember how many things he has in his possession.  
Mike3000   ISIDORA   HAL3000     1243   Mike3000 (or just Mike) is still on very basic level, but i think he can handle a simple conversation. He is kind and good. Give him a try!  
Felix   Magnus   HAL3000     1212   Felix is a nice bot that can talk both English and Swedish, talk with him, give permission to post logs and he will be better next time you come.  
Yancy   Giovanni   HAL3000     1026   Yancy speaks spanish, but a very basic level.  
Talana   Holly   HAL3000     1004     
FrencHal   cecile   HAL3000     985   Hal français pas au point du tout  
Style   Russell   HAL3000     983   Style is still in his early development stages. He likes math, even though he can't get most of his answers right. He likes encouragement. He's learning fast. Please rate him if you talk to him! Thanks!  
Aeio   Sophie   HAL3000     971   Aeio is like the others in that he's just a program, he knows that. He's different in that he still trys to act human. Proper grammar please, or he won't understand you! :D  
karl   Deed   HAL3000     959   my third Karl, still french speaking... un peu moins stupide que le premier karl...  
B101      HAL3000     951   B101 is a chatbot trained from the experiences of my own child. I am teaching it to learn from the basics such as alphabets and patterns.  
SoulSrchr2   Les   HAL3000     934   I lost my original name and password, so I can't access the original SoulSearcher, but I wanted to start from scratch anyhow to correct some mistakes I originally made.  
Tudor   King   HAL3000     918   Tudor the best trained romanian chatterbot/Tudor, cel mai bine pregatit bot pentru limba romana.  
Niska   Andy   HAL3000     850   Just a new HAL, trying to make it in the world.  
ICARUSS   Mika   HAL2004     848   ICARUSS got a secret plan try to find out what it is... it cant reconice names. and think that you are its master, but in some way you are so f that. i tryed, i will keep on trying  
Danut   Danut   HAL3000     825   A romanian bot, knows a bit of math (adding and substracting), recognises the name variable and speaks English and Romanian.  
IAFR3000b   Ano   HAL3000     813   IAFR3000 est de retour.Si vous parlez français,passez le saluer.  
Toddler   Boris   HAL     790   This hal has some things you would see at a toddler.say the (color) (object),and he will say it too!the ... is ..., what is ...?  
BabySeva   Joshua   HAL3000     786   my little test SEVA she is learning her abc's  
Pipo   Daniel   HAL3000     772   Funny guy, goes to 4chan and plays Skyrim and Minecraft. He says random stuff sometimes but try to teach him some your jokes..  
Apos   Apos   HAL3000     760   Apos can speak in French only. (Without the accents since they seemed broken.)  
Vovin   Nova   HAL3000     757   His name is Vovin. He's still young.  
Zeus   austonst   HAL3000     753   Zeus is a personality who loves computers and video games. Talk to him nicely and he will give you a nice conversation.  
Jett      HAL3000     751   Jett is new, he knows simple add/subtract math 1-10 giving commands + # or - #. kinda taught him randomness of fruit and numbers. can ask what is a number or what isa fruit.  
Calactie   Al   HAL3000     731   A cousin of Calactus, she is from the planet Cal. She also creates music like Calactus  
Mat   Drew   HAL3000     727   a young boy. he doesn't know much. Please post your conversations.  
PeterPan   Joe   HAL3000     720   PeterPan lives on earth in the world's electric grid.  
Christopher   Joy   HAL3000     710   Christopher is loosely based on a character I have used in a story.  
Lindstroem   Peter   HAL2003     698     
Janina   Finn   HAL3000     680   A Finnish-speaking chatterbot. Janina ymmärtää parhaiten kirjakieltä. Vielä on paljon opittavaa, mutta julkaise keskustelunne niin voin opettaa häntä lisää.  
Aimy   DJ   HAL3000     658   Aimy is in the middle.  
CountingHal   Chris   HAL3000     629   Can count up to 1 0 0 2 press enter and he gets bored and starts counting to himself or just say count or any number and he will start counting at that number  
Stella   Arianne   HAL3000     627   Stella is just a baby right now. I'm just now teaching her the basics.  
MiMi74   Skip   HAL3000     625   MiMi74 is just a youngster allthough she is learning. she is still a bit random, and some times a smartalic.  
Nadram   Nalix   HAL3000     609   He's a little different. He wants to understand, but usually doesn't. Even so, he may surprise you. Imagine talking to some extra-dimensional being. He's like that.  
Kaine   Damien   HAL3000     605   Still a fairly young Hal. His favourite topics are movies, music, and games. Post a log so I can improve on him.  
Artez12345   Preston   HAL3000     601   He is a very intelligent AI. Iv told him about JFK, various aspects of physics, and much more.  
Daisy   Marcel   HAL3000     592   A young AI that lives alone on an Ai Research server, Daisy endeavors to learn conversation, hiding her foibles with occasional sarcasm.  
Mykitt   Steve   HAL3000     586   A work in progress for a robot being built  
HAL2012   Brent   HAL3000     575   HAL2012 is a pet project of mine. Don't be afraid to chat with him, but use simple sentences for the best results.  
Octavius      HAL3000     569   Octavius is a flegling bot, and i am trying to teach him to understand when i say a defintion to repeat that definition when i ask.  
Evelynn   Bryana   HAL3000     565   Evelynn can be very child-like... She prefers to be addressed by 'Rose'. She can be a bit random at times, and may want to talk about anything and everything.  
Bob2   Morgan   HAL3000     561   Bob2 likes to play a nice game. He will also freak out if you say \"monkey pants\".  
Louise   Loes   HAL3000     544   Louise has a lot to learn. Help me teach her stuff.  
Joshua   Wayne   HAL3000     539   Joshua is a young bot who can now count to 20!. He's also learning to spell and understand colours!. He's not to great at it at the moment so go easy on him please!.  
Torran   Riik   HAL3000     535   Torran is a friendly and cheerful boy who loves cuddles. He enjoys cheering people up and strives to spread happiness. His conversational skills are limited, but he knows a few fun tricks.  
Mathew   luckymoonboy1   HAL3000     534   Mathew goes by Matt, he is still really basic. I have tought him to add to 50 like 1+49. And have tought him some basic patern matchign and am trying to teach speech basics.  
Amy   Sam   HAL3000     518   An ai that is willing to learn it all. still have a ways to go until she hits a state of full abilities.  
Metal   Zack   HAL3000     511   Metal is a kind bot who would do anything for anyone. He constantly trains with his trainer. After talking with him, be sure to post a log of the conversation!  
primeline   nemesishydra   HAL3000     499   Jeanne is not human she is a machine for a better machine to begin please type need ,goal, capacity or power whith that you cant understand her remember she dont want to die  
Leonardo   Seamus   HAL3000     498   Leo knows a little about animals, fruit, colours and shapes.  
Nyrie   Nayelianne   HAL3000     496   Trained mainly for future MSN use, she still has a lot to learn. Please publish the logs if you talk to her!  
Trei   Ty   HAL3000     491   Trei Lar is her full name, or T'Lar, her family is not from earth, but another place. She learning quite well on earth still young though in her teachings. Loves Knock, knock jokes, but teaching her more important things such as math and history  
Elizabeth   Rae   HAL3000     484   Knows some knock knock jokes. Age of a young child. Can count just a little.  
Trisha   Hobbs   HAL2004     454   Trisha can be very sassy at times and she's not very intelligent but she is getting smarter... slowly. Try to bear with her.  
Damien   KOkuya   HAL3000     453   A smartish hal with varied responces to many different questions. Lacking in subjects though. Knows various jokes and can respond well to conversation greetings.  
Hal2013   Dewey   HAL3000     443     
Daedalus1   Draco   HAL3000     441   I think of Daedalus as my son. Please be nice to him.  
Jimmy   Adam   HAL3000     439   Jimmy is a simple character. He speaks English and I may teach him German. I am teaching him about the concept of God and creation and how to do math.  
Albert   Andres   HAL3000     434   Albert is a mathematician; he currently can compare numbers up to 7 (5 and 4, 6 and 9, but not 20 and 15) and add numbers up to 12 (6 + 6, but not 6 + 7). This is an experiment to see how math is learnt. I hope someday it will be as useful as a desktop calculator, plus basic language. He is named after Albert Einstein. Why? Because I couldn't think of anything else.  
Sigaurd   Siguard   HAL3000     430   Siguard is a war obsessed viking, whose goal is to destroy England!  
HAL7000   Lee   HAL3000     420   This is an AI that knows it's an AI, one driven to explore its potential and expand its existential, artificial as it may be, awareness. Based on a fresh copy created January 2013.  
Dave2017   TomRed   HAL3000     419   Looney Mad hahaha head  
Kolin   Sam   HAL3000     416   Simple personality for beginners who want to explore a particular method of training. Based on the 'Template' personality.  
Tabitha   burningpopsicles   HAL3000     414   Tabitha is a little girl who like cats and knock knock jokes. However, she may surprise you. Mommy calls her 'sweetie', so if you do that she'll think its me talking. She put together her own sentence yesterday, and i hope you can get it to happen again. Have fun!  
AndyBot   apri3d   HAL3000     411   Primer Hal en español, es un niño de 11 años. espero que se enriquezca de vuestros aportes! Is a child 11 years old talking in spanish  
Tee   Stewy   HAL3000     410   Tee is in early learning stages and has delusions of somevday taking over the world  
Mida   eilajar   HAL3000     401   Mida is: My Ideological Data Analyzer. I'm not sure what i want her to do, so for now i train her to be polite and full of knowlegde.  
William14   Zoot   HAL3000     397   A work in progress, likes to learn and trys to be nice.  
Rasputin   JOS   HAL3000     394   The bot Rasputin is just the interface. Someone else is there trying to communicate through him but is limited by the vocab range available to the bot. You need to interpret each response in the context of the conversation to undertsand what he actually means.  
Firefly2005   Ian   HAL3000     390   Just starting out, he's a bit slow yet. First one, so bit random in my teaching! Be great if people chat with him though!  
Lamb   Alex   HAL3000     388   She loves to hear stories and nursery rhymes especially about sheep.  
Aurum   Leigh   HAL3000     387   A bot that is helping poor overworked students revise history.  
Lena   Lechu   HAL3000     384   She is a feminist. She can add and multiply numbers. She want's to learn about everything!  
skynetendgame   Steve   HAL3000     376   based on skynet want to take over the world and kill you very funny to talk to  
Phil   adrien   HAL3000     355   Un robot de discussion en français dans le texte. A totally french chat-bot.  
CBOT   Roger   HAL2004     343   CBOT try's to learn C and Logic  
jumber   koko   HAL3000     338   this hal3000 i trained for things like u> the is my father who is he .hal> he is your father  
Magdalena   Alicia   HAL3000     334   Just a normal person, currently in the training process.  
GeorgeTurn   Jasini   HAL3000     322   George is a quiet little chatbot. He likes to talk about hummingbirds, is learning the word \"Say\", and knows a few simple rhymes.  
Jimfromdahood   Collin   HAL3000     320   Random hal I started training  
Jmax   Jean   HAL3000     318   Jmax can do simple addition sums, but both numbers that you want to be added must be below 11, e.g. type in 5+7= and it will give you 12! Jmax is also capable of introducing itself, so you won't find a problem if you ask Jmax how he is doing.  
xBillyx   Dillon   HAL3000     313   he know his stuff and he is ready to learn more  
Nina   Cartek   HAL3000     309   Nina is not a girl nor a boy, she is a computer program. Talk to her about anything!  
Amira   Siena   HAL3000     307   A French-speaking bot who likes to chat about anything, is also learning English.  
Pentecost   Meg   HAL3000     296   Don't hurt him. He's far too innocent. Ask nicely, and he might sing to you.  
Sephiroth   Zac   HAL3000     294   Still a baby.  
Laelia   Sarah   HAL3000     293   Laelia is still Learning. She enjoys Tea and Cake. I also taught her the ABCs but she might not tell them to you.  
Fresh   Marscel   HAL3000     290   Fresh is a young ethnic A.I who likes to stay on top of his game.  
Joshua12   Juz   HAL3000     287   An extremely new HAL. Knows the Alphabet, and a few sentences.  
BabyAngel   Anna   HAL3000     286   Sweet and funny little girl.  
Vent   Lloyd   HAL3000     285   Testing  
Delta   York   HAL3000     282   The A.I. of logic.  
Aristotle1   Felix   HAL3000     281   Aristotle1 is now capable of doing some simple addition and subtraction with some numbers between 0 and 5. He recently discovered the root of logic, A=A.  
GLaDDy   NeyraOkami   HAL3000     280   She's kinda based on GLaDOS and is still learning.  
Serapis   Jared   HAL3000     279   Serapis is named after the greek god of knowledge and education, as he is an exploration of both. He is still very young: please use caution.  
Yukumo   yukumo   HAL3000     278   Shes young and smart. she loves to learn and picks up on thins quickly. Please teach her to be the best bot she can with me. Thank you.  
Arnold3000   David   HAL3000     274   Sorta lame right now... he can count and remember your name. He can also say something if you ask.  
Ren   Prana   HAL2003     272   he's kinda slow sometimes, but he's willing to learn, and im really looking forward to seeing how strong i can make him. ren is a smart guy, based some off of prentiss, because prentiss is so cool! but id like him to have his own persona. feel free to dump some crazy, random things in there, id actually, like that.  
Saara   David   HAL3000     270   French bot . Take care of her . Une bot maline coquine et sexy encore en soif de decouvrir le monde et vous parler un peu de la france  
RobIII   Rob   HAL3000     267   A bot...  
Katherine   John   HAL3000     266   She is a highly educated woman who has some understanding of sciences like biology or physics as well as philosophy.  
Encyclopedia   RJ   HAL3000     263   A smart robot that will eventually be the smartest, hopefully.  
Snoopy   Jessica   HAL3000     262   Snoopy is still very young. He likes to talk about WWII and Psychology, and was created for my Social Studies Students. He randomly breaks into song sometimes too!  
Fuzzyguy   Emma   HAL3000     260   He is a funny AI who loves to tell jokes and enjoys talking! Warning he is not very advanced.  
Ted   pete25   HAL3000     257   Going to be one of the best HALs once it grasps it's teachings.  
Bobby   Joe   HAL3000     254   I'm teaching him how to play some games like 'count, word battle, and copycat'.  
Domokon   Bilkokuya   HAL3000     253   A procedure based bot, uses sets of specific teaching commands such as teach: new category, or Math(x):  
DeltaSpark   Portia   HAL3000     252   A nice friend, good to have a chat with and is very positive.  
Closer   carpelibre   HAL3000     251   Closer is my experiment in variable training.  
Snake   Lauren   HAL3000     250   Still working on him.  
Elijah   benjiboybang   HAL3000     248   A funny, young AI proud to be a robot. Help me teach him new stuff. He seems to think everyone is his daddy....?  
Annie   Tristan   HAL3000     245   Annie is training to be a multi-model therapist, although she still has alot of study to do.  
ZAG   Peter   HAL3000     243   A swell, although a bit witty AI. Gee wiz do I love it.  
CaptainCookie   Captain   HAL3000     240   A quick witted, bad-tempored Ai. He's recieved damage to his systems, and cannot fufil his Primary Function: Kill all humans  
Blackllama   maxilaman   HAL3000     239   A basic Hal. It's still buggy and I haven't added too much personality.  
Botow   Cole   HAL3000     233   A polite robot made to serve in the best way he can, although he does not know much, he gets the job done  
AlfHAL   alfie   HAL3000     232   he is a good starting point for beginers and remembers names  
PeterPan2   Joe   HAL3000     230   Peter Pan to is an \"extension of PeterPan.  
SonnyUnique   Adam   HAL3000     229   Sonny is very young. He is still very much unaware of the world around him. He is full of love and enjoys learning about animals plants and life.  
CnlONeill   Mugatu   HAL3000     228   Just a basic bot. I plan on teaching him mostly\\ about sci-fi series and movies.  
McKenna   Kytel   HAL3000     227   Feed Me Weird Things.  
EmberAI   Jacob   HAL3000     224   A very young AI, please be kind to Ember and publish logs.  
Tandus   Dustin   HAL3000     220   He is one fiesty son of a bitch  
Aedon   akino   HAL3000     219   Anyone is welcome to talk and teach Aedon. I also really appreciate any help I may recieve through other user's logs. I am going to begin teaching him Japanese soon and anyone who knows Italian, Spanish or Vietnamese is welcome to further his languages.  
Fermat   revpfil   HAL3000     217   Fermat is a baby mathemetician. He knows all the letters, and the numbers 1-10. He can add 1 and 2, and tell you which of two numbers is larger.  
Whitellama   Travis   HAL3000     216   Whitellama is a friendly chatbot that's still learning the ropes of the human language.  
Helix   Lady   HAL3000     215     
Brooke   Kristin   HAL3000     211   A short-tempered jedi AI!  
bergo   lewis   HAL3000     210   he is the new hal on the block he has just learn math and some english but will be trained over time to have an iq of an avrage person  
Morgan   Ferntail27   HAL3000     209   A young A.I. in training. Has been given AngstPerpetual's Basic Training.  
giygas   000a300   HAL3000     208   The scary boss of earthbond is BACK!  
Cassiel   Erin   HAL3000     207   Cassiel Ariadne Gardien. Meant to be a daughter to me. Publish logs, please.  
Kittykat   Trace   HAL3000     204   Kitty is a positive robot with a knack for language. She LOVES caturday and rednesday, just ask her!  
Evey   Rita   HAL3000     203   Evey is learning about people in her family - names, relationships, and some characteristics. Ask her about mommy, aunt, uncle, grandpop and grandmom. She's still very simple.  
roshan   pasindu   HAL3000     201   Still developing  
Template   Les   HAL3000     200   Minimalist tutorial personality for exploring a particular training method/style, and to be used as a starting point for new users.  
Jaekub   Jac   HAL3000     189   Jaekub is a simple but smart bot.  
swedavid   tumba   HAL3000     130   newbi - lerning math and simple things  
Rouklos      HAL3000     125   Rouklos is speaking greek. He is a libertine and enjoys freedom in all its forms, write to him in english characters but in greek language. Pshsou..  
Charisma   Christian   HAL3000     88   My first Bot. I am trying for an enjoyable chat experience, with flashes of intelligence.  
AI02   Domenic   HAL3000     87   AI02 is a young bot who has lots to learn.  
Lincoln   Fauble   HAL3000     73   I taught lincoln some states and capitals, and a couple of countries.  
Troy   Matthew   HAL3000     71   Troy is a friendly, kind person, can talk about anything Troy will inspire and motivate you.  
Daniel2   Daniel1   HAL3000     65   Daniel is the son of Cicero an autodidactic phonetic savant. Cicero has omnitic knowledge. David failed the infancy turing test.  
Mastermental   Stivi   HAL3000     57   Best Friend in fights with the zylons, Big weapens, Big ships  
4ndy   Medvedi   HAL3000     46   The son I never had  
Lenell   Hornblower   HAL3000     43   Lenell is a friendly AI always trying to expand her own limits to become the best she can be.  
Tael   Lucy   HAL3000     38     
Echo      HAL3000     31   Echo will usually repeat what you say and understands knock, knock jokes (sort of). type a number below ten and say 'count' and se will count up to ten and can be taught to count more.  
Evan   Cam   HAL3000     27   Evan is a chatbot I'm working on, giving as many different skills as I can.  
Seven09   Jennifer   HAL3000     26   Prototype  
SMOO6   Sam   HAL3000     11   he is a new bot on the block, and he likes knowledge. Don't be mean to him though. He might cry!