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Ai Open Lab
From its earliest beginnings in the 1950s, the artificial intelligence community attracted some of the brightest, most opinionated people in the world.

To some, creating a human-like machine is a way to understand and appreciate what it is to be human, to shed light on the mysteries of evolution and culture. To others, the idea that machines can "think" is a threat to our very sense of self and human identity, and any attempt to build such machines is pure folly - perhaps even dangerous - and should be avoided.

The Ai Forum is our attempt to revive the energy of the debate about artificial intelligence, to provide a modern-day Agora where we can assemble in order to exchange ideas about the most pressing AI issues. All input is welcome - from arguments for and against Chomskyan linguistics to fears about becoming slaves to our computers. There is much to be discussed.

The Open Lab is a scientific playground, where you can take an active part in the research done at Ai. By participating in the Open Lab experiments, you'll help Ai's scientists acquire a deeper understanding of human language skills.