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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Ai announces 2004 research objectives
Savyon, Israel -- January 1, 2004 - Artificial Intelligence Research (Ai)
( announced today its main research objective for the year 2004.

These objectives constitute the progress Ai expects to make throughout the coming year. Top among these are:

1. Heuristico: Complete the port of HAL2003's brain from TCL to C#. This will yield essential performance improvements, to facilitate training HAL personalities with histories of hundreds of thousands and even millions of turns (compared to the current maximum of about 35,000 turns).

2. VP2 Technology: Enhance ALAN's content authoring paradigm with a new online mechanism: A global state system. This system consists of a network of inter-related Boolean variables which provide the conditions for firing of rules. Users will define new rules (or modify old ones) and specify precisely the state(s) when the rule is applicable.

3. Interactive Content: Reorganize Alan's content tree to separate his specialized area of expertise (Artificial Intelligence) from the rest of the content. Based on the resulting "knowledge component" (all that Alan knows about the area of AI), a general template will be defined, to facilitate easy creation of new virtual personalities with other specialized areas of expertise.

4. Community services: Improve the log viewing facility to include live sessions that were approved to be open to the public, and playback of completed sessions. Reading sessions performed by other users is an effective way of getting to know Alan and HAL, and gain insight on training and interacting with them.

About Ai

Artificial Intelligence Research (Ai) is a groundbreaking research project, focusing on creating genuine Artificial Intelligence the technology that enables machines to converse with humans in natural language. Ai's research facility is located in Savyon, Israel.