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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Imperson Launches New Social Marketing Platform
Savyon, Israel – June 16, 2015 - IMperson Ltd (, a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Research Ltd. ( announced the launch of a new social media platform, based on its conversational technology.

The first project using the new platform was for the film "Unfriended", recently released by Universal Studios. To market the film, Universal Pictures teamed up with IMperson to emulate a Facebook chat with the main character in the film, Laura. From April 6th through the 30th, users could chat with Laura herself—an understandably hostile character (given that she was driven to her death and all)—who was designed to speak in an authentic teen lingo. Using sometimes spiteful language, Laura tries to get to the bottom of who leaked the original video that drove her to drastic measures.

For the 15-day pilot program, the campaign had an average user engagement time of 33 hours from first contact to last contact and 11.5 exchanges. 61% ultimately described the experience as positive and 23% of users shared it with their friends.
“Unfriended is a very unique case and we saw great engagement between people and Laura's character on Facebook,” says Eyal Pfeifel, co-founder and CTO of Imperson. “While Laura's character was not meant to be friendly (she's haunting her friends, after all), people were still actively engaging, sharing and buzzing about it much more than we have expected. Many fans wrote that they were going to see the movie and we learned that this technology plays well alongside interactive marketing campaigns to promote brands, characters, stories, and more.”

IMperson’s new platform officially launched today as a simulator of contextually deep, one-on-one dialogues between fans and their favorite characters including TV personalities, movie characters, and brand mascots. The platform allows brands to implement conversational characters—each with a distinct, authentic personality and profile—that engage directly with users and can deliver messages and tell stories.

“It provides a new way for marketers to engage with their target audiences on a personal level,” says Pfeifel. “This technology introduces a new level of content marketing and leverages the character brand off-screen. Ultimately, we envision that it will one day bridge the gap between reality and fiction by allowing people to interact with their favorite characters and personalities in a deep and meaningful way.”

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