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Sunday, August 05, 2001

Ai Announces the Learning Machine Challenge: Win a Game Without Knowing Its Rules
Boston, Massachusetts -- August 5th, 2001 - Artificial Intelligence NV ( is sponsoring the global Learning Machine Challenge to promote original research in artificial intelligence. Ai invites participants from around the world to create a computer program that can win at a game without knowing either the game's rules or the identity of its opponent.

Submissions will compete head-to-head against programs written by other competitors. The creator of the winning program will win a $2000 prize and the representatives of the top three winning programs will be invited to an artificial intelligence workshop at the Ai Research Center. The deadline for entries to the Learning Machine Challenge is October 30, 2001.

More information about the Learning Machine Challenge is available from On the web site you will find a downloadable test suite, which includes the judge program that will be used to run the tournament, model games and simple player programs. Any questions regarding the Challenge can be emailed to

The Learning Machine Challenge on the web:

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