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Monday, November 05, 2001

194 Submissions Received for Aiís Learning Machine Challenge
Savyon, Israel -- November 5th, 2001 - Artificial Intelligence Research ( announced today some preliminary details concerning the global Learning Machine Challenge (LMC). 95 participants have submitted a total number of 194 programs, by the submission deadline (Oct. 30). All entrants have received email confirmations.

The LMC, announced by Ai on August 5th, was designed to promote original research in artificial intelligence. Ai invited participants from around the world to create a computer program that can win at a game without knowing either the game's rules or the identity of its opponent. More information about the Learning Machine Challenge can be found at

To accommodate communication and flow of information between Ai and the participants and promote an active discussion on LMC related issues, Ai has established the Ai LMC Forum.

Ai also announced that the final results of the competition shall be published no later than January 01, 2001. Dror Kessler, The LMC contest manager, thanked the participants for their efforts, and stated: "My personal motivation is to promote you all and make sure that you get credit, visiblity (and world fame if so be it) in accordance with your efforts." Kessler declared his intention to make the competition public and transparent, and added: "I'm here, on behalf of Ai, to help us all figure out the winner of this contest. I plan to do this in the most openly manner possible."

Ai thanks all the participants, and is looking into ways to turn the LMC into an annual event and establish a community around it.