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Sunday, January 20, 2002

Ai Announces Learning Machine Challenge Results
Savyon, Israel -- January 20th, 2002 - Artificial Intelligence Research
( announced today the final results of the global Learning Machine Challenge (LMC). 95 participants have taken part in the competition, with a total number of 194 entries.

The winner is the program “Simpleton”, submitted by Nis Haller Baggesen from Denmark. The core of Simpleton is a game tree, which is built upon as games are played. This tree serves as the datastructure for decision making. To make the most use of the games played several decision vectors are kept in the tree simultaniously. This allows Simpleton to use different learning rates, as well as keep a perfect-knowledge games tree in memory, at all times. In order to speed up learing, and to generalise learning between the different branches of the tree, Simpleton also utilizes a context-sensitive memory, as well as some heuristics based on observing the opponent.

The LMC competition consisted of seven different language games, designed to test various language acquisition capabilities in different scenarios. A detailed description of the leaugue games, including source codes and detailed results are available on ( More information about the Learning Machine Challenge can be found on (, and on the Ai LMC Forum on (Ai-Forums/LMC).

The top performers in the competition will attend a workshop on machine learning, to be held in Ai’s research facility in Savyon in March 2002.

Ai thanks all the participants, and will strive to turn the LMC into an annual event and establish a community around it.