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Monday, March 18, 2002

LMC Steering Committee nominated
Savyon, Israel -- March 18, 2002 - Artificial Intelligence Research
( announced today the nomination of ShengHuo Zhu and Curtis Huttenhower to the LMC Steering Committee. The other members of the committee are Dror Kessler, Erez Baum and Yaki Dunietz.

The LMC Steering Committee is responsible for planning, defining, announcing and organizing The annual LMC Competition. This annual event is an extension of the first Learning Machine Challenge, conducted by Ai in Late 2001. The first Challenge was followed by a workshop which took place at the Ai research facility on March 15-17, and attended by the winners of the competition. In this workshop, it was agreed to extend the LMC and make it an annual event.

The mission of the LMC initiative is to provide an environment and platform for an evolutionary search for language learning algorithms, to develop appropriate training strategies for these algorithms, and to promote the field of natural language acquisition using Machine learning by attracting and supporting a community of researchers.

The LMC Steering Committee announcements shall be posted on the Ai LMC Forum on the Ai LMC Forum on (Ai-Forums/LMC). Members of the Steering Committee and their family members are prohibited from submitting entries to the LMC competition.