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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence
Mind and Consciousness
From Myth to Reality

Further Reading

The Science of the Artificial
by Herbert A. Simon

Written by one of the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence, this influential volume draws out the achievements that the research into artificial intelligence has already made, and explains in a tantalizing and thought provoking manner what the field hopes to accomplish. Grounded in the thesis that a physical symbol system has the necessary and sufficient means for intelligent action, “The Science of the Artificial” looks at the relationship between thinking, computing and human behavior from a thoroughly philosophical perspective. The third edition of this book encompasses more than forty years of work in artificial intelligence and embraces Simon’s unique perspective on the important advances in cognitive psychology and the science of design, and the modern branches of AI, including genetic algorithms, chaos and adaptive systems.

Herbert Alexander Simon is the Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Science (1978). His research into decision-making and problem-solving span disciplines from computer science to psychology, administration, economics and philosophy.

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