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From Myth to Reality


Artificial Intelligence
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From Myth to Reality

Further Reading

Supertoys Last All Summer Long
by Brian W. Aldiss

These are the stories of David, a five years old android; futurist Pinocchio tales abound with suggestive details of a high tech world. Famed for being the inspiration for Kubrik and Spielberg’s AI movie, Aldiss’s short stories merit a reading in as of themselves. Aldiss creates a world which is set in a future replete with technological sunsets and gardens suspended in an eternal summer. In this bizarre – but somehow familiar – universe, David the android is a mirror to the aching loneliness of mankind, for whom childbirth requires government permission and parenthood is won in a weekly lottery. The question implicit in Aldiss’s short stories is whether the progress inherent in a future of technological marvels does not come with a fixed price, which may be too high to pay. The result is a nuanced narrative about existence and the meaning of being human. The forward to the book is written by Stanley Kubrik.

The short story Supertoys Last All Summer Long can also be found online.

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