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From Myth to Reality

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by Mary Shelley

Mary Shelly’s fable of the new Prometheus is one of the only Gothic novels that today still resonates with a universal truth about mankind’s hope to penetrate the secrets of nature. This truly dark and foreboding tragedy recounts Frankenstein’s presumptuous act of creation, which, although undertaken with the best of intentions, is doomed to be a catastrophic failure. Shelly explores in her novel such themes as the aspiration of modern scientist to become technically creative divinities, the consequences inherent in creating a “Creature” which enjoys its perceptions and sensations, and the effect of the compulsive character of masculine science on the future of the world. These questions are still open ended today, and in this form they are left off by Frankenstein, who, on his death-bed claims: “I have myself been blasted in these hopes, yet another may succeed”.

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