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From Myth to Reality


Artificial Intelligence
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From Myth to Reality

Further Reading

Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric

By Philip K. Dick

The title of this book is misleading: the movie Blade Runner is loosely based on Dick’s dark and meditative novel, whereas the movie’s name has been borrowed from Alan E. Nourse’s novella “The Bladerunner”. This is, than, a new release of Dick’s manuscript, but it retains the original content and heart racing thrill of an encounter with a strange and foreboding world, where humans and androids look alike and reality is a fluid and fuzzy concept. The book delivers a mixture of anarchy, philosophy, contemplations about the meaning of life and reality and an absurd and crazed futuristic world. It is strange and intense; funny and thought provoking.

The two screenplays that have been written for the movie Blade Runner can be found online:
The February 1981 version, by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples
The July 1980 version, by Hampton Fancher

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