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Summary and Conclusions
The First Challenge (LMC1)

These are the official results of the LMC1 tournament:

The winner of the LMC1 competition is Nis Haller Baggesen, with the player "Simpleton".
The winning program scored 8185 league points. In second and third places came Lior Fainshil with "Tree of Knowledge" and Shenghuo Zhu with "zshPlayer", respectively.

The results were reviewed and discussed in the Ai Learning Machine Workshop which took place on March 15-17 2002, at the Ai research facility in Savyon, Israel. The workshop was attended by the best performing players. The Ai Team thanks all of the participants for taking part in LMC1.

Information and announcements about the LMC competitions are regularly posted on the LMC Forum .

Click here for Detailed Final Results of LMC1

Please use the pages below to learn more about The First Learning Machine Challenge.

> Quick Overview
A quick overview of the Learning Machine Challenge.

> Official Announcement
The text of the official announcement of the Learning Machine Challenge, made at The Seventeenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Seattle, Washington, USA on August 4, 2001.

> Detailed Information
Find out more about the Learning Machine Challenge. How does it work? Why are we sponsoring it? Why should you enter?

> Official Rules
The official rules of the Learning Machine Challenge.

> Interface Specification
A specification of the simple console-based API which your program must support to allow it to take part in the Learning Machine Challenge, including a description of how the API will be used to run the tournament.

> The Testing Zone
In order to allow you to test your program by conducting your own mini-tournaments, we have made the judge program available for download. The download includes the judge program itself, example games and example players. It isn't necessary to download anything to enter the challenge, we've just provided these files to help you prepare for it.

> Enter the Challenge
Information about how to enter the Learning Machine Challenge.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Learning Machine Challenge. We recommend that
you visit the Recent Additions and Important Information sections regularly.

> Idea Exchange
The Ai Artificial Intelligence Forum is the place to share your thoughts and exchange your ideas about the Learning Machine Challenge.

If you have any questions about the Learning Machine Challenge, post them on the Ai Forums.