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LMC1 Official Rules
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Official rules for the Learning Machine Challenge
Who can enter
> Entries are welcomed from individuals, groups, university departments and companies. There are no restrictions.
> There is no entry fee.
> You are not required to divulge any information about yourself or your entry to us.
> You may enter anonymously if you so desire.
> You are free to enter as many programs as you like.
> Employees of Ai Research may not participate.

What do I enter
> You need to enter a program which conforms to our interface. See the interface specification for details.
> Your can enter a binary executable, as long as it runs under Windows or Linux on a PC.
> You can enter source code. We plan to support at least C, C++, Lisp, Prolog, Java, VisualBasic and TCL, and we are prepared to support other languages (including scripting languages) provided that freely available compilers and/or interpreters are available for them.
> If your program requires special resources, such as shared libraries, you are required to provide them to us.
> Information about how to submit your entry is available from the registration page.

What are the restrictions
> Your program must not open a network connection.
> The tournament will be held on an 800MhZ PentiumIII with 256Mb of memory and 10Gb of free disk space. The tournament machine will be isolated from the network.
> Your program must be able to make at least ten moves per second on the tournament machine.
> Your program must inform the judge program of its name within ten seconds of being invoked.

When is the deadline
> You need to submit your final entry by midnight on October 30, 2001.
> We will spend the month of November bug-testing entries. During this month you may be contacted by us.
> The tournament will be held during the month of December, 2001.
> The winners will be announced on January 1, 2002.

Tournament Information
> Each program submitted by the deadline and which passes the bug-testing phase will participate in the tournament.
> A program which makes moves at random will participate to provide a benchmark.
> The tournament will involve between six and twelve games, and the nature of these games will be finalised before the deadline, but won't be revealed until the results are announced.
> The winning submission will be awarded a prize of $2000.
> Representatives of the top three submissions will be invited to an all-expenses-paid artificial intelligence workshop to be held at our research headquarters in Israel.
> Programs may be evaluated in language-learning scenarios, and may play games against a human opponent, but the results of these tests will not contribute towards those of the tournament.

If you have any questions about the Learning Machine Challenge, post them on the Ai Forums.