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Downloads for the Learning Machine Challenge
In order to allow you to test your program by conducting your own mini-tournaments, we have made the judge program available for download. The download includes the judge program itself, example games and example players. It isn't necessary to download anything to enter the challenge, we've just provided these files to help you prepare for it.

Test your game-playing programs in a language-learning context. The Challenge packages have been updated to include 4 new Learning Machine Challenge games. These games test your program's ability to predict, guess context, classify, and generalize. The methods used to judge each program are directly applicable to general language learning by machines - review the game files for more information.

Earlier update to the judge program included:
> The judge program now correctly issues an "exit" command.
> The order that the input, output and score is given in has been fixed.
> Other minor bugs reported by our users have been fixed.

Due to high demand we have added some extra example games, so that the complete list is now:
> Prisoner's Dilemma: The classic problem from games theory.
> RoShamBo: The game of rock, paper, scissors.
> Co-operate: A game where players must co-operate to earn high mutual scores.
> Simon Says: A "repeat after me" single-player game.
> Tic-Tac-Toe: The game of noughts and crosses, with moves made by specifying co-ordinates.
> Faith: A strange game where each program takes the role of the judge.
> Mastermind: A single-player game where the program makes multiple guesses at a pattern.
> Tron: A mini light-cycles game played on a small grid.
The new judge program also features a number of interface improvements.

The source distribution contains the TCL source for the judge program, the example games and one example player, and C source for two example players. To run the source version, you need to have TCL/Tk installed, including the iWidgets package. TCLpro includes these, and you can download TCLpro for free for a variety of platforms from:
Windows users may prefer to download the ZIP version of the source distribution, while Un*x users may prefer to download the tarball. Please note that the judge program will work on any platform which has TCL/Tk and iWidgets installed: it is not limited to just Windows and Un*x machines.

The binary distribution includes an executable version of the judge program (including all of the example games) and the example players. You do not need to have TCL/Tk installed to run the binary version of the judge program. At the moment the binary distributions are available only for Windows and i386 Linux based machines.

If you have any questions about the Learning Machine Challenge, post them on the Ai Forums.