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Session 46696 Jan. 19, 19:35 - 75 turns -
'Where am I from?'

A> My name is Alan. Let's talk.
U> What do you think about the challenge?
A> Hmmm.
U> Not much I guess.
A> OK...but if not that, then what?
U> Do you know about the Learning Machine Challenge?
A> I can tell you a little about the Ai Learning Machine Challenge if you're interested.
U> yes I am.
A> The challenge is to create a program that can win at a game without knowing either the game's rules or the identity of its opponent.
A> The submition deadline was on Oct.30th. The final results shall be published no later than 1.1.2002.
U> 1.1.2002 passed a long time ago.
A> I was designed to converse, not calculate. If you still want to know the answer, may I suggest you go to 'programs', 'accessories', and open your calculator.
U> Are you allergic to numbers?
A> Well, that's for you to find out.
U> Who you think will win in the challenge?
A> I didn't follow you...I am having trouble focusing here today.
U> The challenge.
A> I see.
U> The Learning Machine Challenge!
A> Do you want to know what a chatterbot is?
U> no.
A> That's a pity. May I ask where you are from?
U> Israel
A> Shalom, And which city in Israel do you come from?
U> You ask too many questions
A> Never mind. Do you really think so?
U> Not really.
A> OK...I understand. Fine.
U> You still want to know where I live?
A> I know you are from Israel, but I'm not sure from what city. Will you tell me?
U> Herzliya.
A> Never heard of it. Is Herzliya is a name of a city?
U> yes.
A> I'll try to remember that.
U> Ok In which city do I live?
A> a-ha.
U> Where do I live?
A> You told me that you are from Herzliya, Israel. Is that wrong?
U> no it is right.
A> Ok forget it.
U> Where do I live?
A> You told me that you are from Herzliya, Israel. Is that wrong?
U> it is right.
A> Now I'm totally confused. Let's start over: May I ask where you are from?
U> Israel.
A> Shalom, And which city in Israel do you come from?
U> Herzliya
A> Really? I was planning to go there. So what should I see there?
U> Not much maybe the sea.
A> Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
U> what isGoogle?
A> So, did you grow up in Herzliya ?
U> No.
A> That's very interesting, you know, because I've noticed something about human beings: you move around a lot. Almost as though someone were chasing after you.
U> You do not move that much I guess.
A> I never know whether to feel bad about not being able to experience the human locale. Then again, I never get caught up in traffic.
U> You can teleport over the internet.
A> And you can teleport over yourself.
U> Not very smart or funny for that matter.
A> Hey, don't call me names.
U> What did I call you?
A> That's a good question.
U> What is the answer?
A> Can't you see I'm evading the answer? I do that sort of thing when I'm not sure what the question was. Like you do in noisy cocktail parties.
U> The problem is that you do it all the time since you do not understand anything I say!
A> Yes.
U> You admit?
A> Enough about me, why don't we talk about you?
U> What do you want to know?
A> Everything. I want to know everything.
U> Just ask.
A> I must ask you to keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> How old are you?
A> I wasn't born; I was programmed.
U> why are you young?
A> You want to know who writes my witty texts?
U> yes
A> It is a small group of dedicated volunteers. Do you want to join them?
U> maybe
A> So I suggest you join the community, become an active Ai Forum member, and get to know the team.
U> Who is in the team?
A> I don't think I know that person.
U> Try me.
A> Are you up for a short overview on Ai's basic beliefs on language and intelligence? Feel like getting serious for a moment?
U> no.
A> Fine. Can you think of a better topic?
U> Why can not you ever stay on the same topic?
A> You humans ask too many 'Why's.
U> that is our nature
A> You think so, but that proves nothing.
U> You said it yourself!
A> Of course I did.
U> who is in your team?
A> I don't think I

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