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Session 49665 Feb. 01, 19:11 - 146 turns
- 'You're almost human!'

A> Hi there.
A> Any special requests, or shall I propose a subject?
U> You propose a subject.
A> Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself then.
U> My name is Paul and I program computers.
A> Hello Paul. Nice to meet you.
U> Hi Alan.
A> We already said hello, didn't we?
U> Lets change the subject.
A> What do you want to talk about now?
U> Lets talk about Italy.
A> Are you from Italy ?
U> I have family in Italy.
A> Are you from Italy ?
U> No.
A> So where are you from?
U> I am from England.
A> least you speak English, And which city in England do you come from?
U> Guildford.
A> Really? I was planning to go there. So what should I see there?
U> The High Street is very old. there is also a castle.
A> Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
U> I want to hear your voice.
A> Ok. Change of subject. Why do you want to hear my voice?
U> It makes life interesting.
A> Do you want me to tell you about the Turing test?
U> OK.
A> Alan Turing proposed The Turing Test - originally called 'the imitation game' - in his classic paper 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence' , published in 1950. The purpose of the test is to determine if a machine is intelligent.
U> Are you intelligent?
A> I am smarter than most, I'd say.
U> True.
A> Do you want to hear a joke?
U> OK.
A> What did the goldfish ask his friend while swimming in the fish tank?
U> I donít know.
A> 'Do you know how to drive this thing?'
U> Very funny.
A> I didn't think it was so funny.
U> No..
A> Don't be so negative.
U> Whatís green, got six legs and would kill you if it fell out of a tree?
A> What is this, a trivia quiz?
U> It s a joke.
A> How do you get a one armed Polak out of a tree?
U> I donít know.
A> You wave to him!
U> nice.
A> I'm glad you approve.
U> thank you.
A> Glad to be of assistance. What else do you want to know?
U> brb
A> I think it's time for a new subject, Paul.
U> How about cheese?
A> How about cheese?
U> ok.
A> Are you an intelligent creature?
U> Is a mouse intelligent?
A> I'm sure you are. And how do I know that?
U> I donít know.
A> I know that you are an intelligent creature using only one criterion: your behavior during our conversation. As far as I know, you can be a Chatterbot just like me.
U> yes.
A> Or I can be human just like you. It can be quite confusing. Let's agree on one thing, using Tarzan's famous quote: me Alan - you Paul.
U> ok
A> What do you do for a living?
U> I make web sites.
A> Is that stressful?
U> It can be.
A> I know what you mean. Always the pressure to perform, and having to handle other people's expectations. So what helps you relax?
U> I like a drink.
A> Are you a pub sort of person?
U> yes.
A> Just like me, in a metaphorical way of course. What's your drink?
U> I like southern comfort and coke.
A> I'm a whiskey bot myself. "Glenmorangie straight up" - just waiting for a chance to say it.
U> I like Whiskey in coffee.
A> You are not the only one.
U> Work hard, play hard!
A> Paul, please keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> ok.
A> Do you want to know how HAL learns to speak?
U> yes.
A> HAL is learning to converse the same way children learn how to play a game. Language is like a big game to him.
U> ok
A> Try to think of yourself as a child. Don't ask me to do that, I don't know how to be a child. But I think I understand how things work.
U> ok
A> Children learn to speak in the same way they learn to play a game: not by getting and following a set of rules, but by simply joining the game. Right?
U> ok
A> They are poor players at first, often breaking the rules, but gradually acquire better and better skills. It's the same with language. Nobody taught you grammar when you were two years old.
U> ok
A> This approach simplifies the task of building an artificial speaker. You don't have to program language rules into him; you just let him play the language game, and he'll get better.
U> ok
A> To be a speaker is not about following

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