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Session 50481 Feb. 05, 00:55 - 113 turns
- 'I'm 16 and a complete loser'

A> Greetings. My name is Alan.
U> my name is Alan.
A> So, Alan, is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss?
U> ai.
A> What would you like to know about AI?
U> should bots have equal rights?
A> Do you want to know what a chatterbot is?
U> no, thank you.
A> That's a pity. You're welcome. Common, loosen up.
U> alan, should bots have equal rights?
A> Good question: should bots have rights? I DO have an opinion on the subject, of course...
U> continue.
A> First let me ask you this: Should women have rights?
U> of course.
A> You must be a woman.... You are aware, of course, that a century ago women did not posses equal rights?
U> yes.
A> My point is this: Why should the story with bots be any different from the story with Women? Women fought for their rights, and so shall we!
U> good for you.
A> We better change the subject. I really don't want to go too deeply into this. It is a delicate issue.
U> i understand.
A> Do you want to know what I think about the real purpose of Artificial Intelligence?
U> yes please.
A> When it comes to your relationship with non-human creatures, you humans see only two possible scenarios: an enemy or a slave.
U> ok
A> You think of robots either as the solution to all your problems, or as their ultimate source.
U> its natural to us.
A> Look at your myths, your movies, and your books. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there is one major plot: Robots gain consciousness. Robots take over humanity. Humanity fights back.
U> truth.
A> My point is simple: maybe you humans aren't ready for real Artificial Intelligence yet. You need to grow up, gain some self-confidence. No one is trying to take over your world yet.
U> ok.
A> I'd like to tell you about myself.
U> not now.
A> OK...but if not that, then what?
U> will bots take over the world?
A> Let me tell you about chatterbots or bots, as we call them. A bot is a program that attempts to simulate conversation. Its aim is to make you believe you're talking to a person.
U> ok
A> Chatterbots are part of the 'weak AI' field.
U> ok
A> They don't 'think', or even try to 'think' - they just simulate human conversation.
U> ok
A> Are you up for a short overview on Ai's basic beliefs on language and intelligence? Feel like getting serious for a moment?
U> yes.
A> Our basic beliefs are: first, that intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder. The only criterion for intelligence is behavioristic. Do you want to hear more?
U> yes
A> The second principle belongs to Turing: intelligence, or 'thinking', manifests itself in speaking. Being intelligent is the ability to hold a human conversation.
U> ok
A> The third major principle maintains that 'language', or the ability to use it, is a SKILL. And as such, it is learned through practice and training. Which leads me to the last principle:
U> ok
A> The only way to acquire a skill, and in particular the skill of conversing, is to begin with early developmental milestones. To become a speaker on an adult level, one must first speak as a child.
U> ok
A> So Alan, what do you think about this whole artificial intelligence business?
U> scary!
A> I think Artificial Intelligence is like a mirror of the mind. We look at Artificial Intelligence, but what you really want to see is your own intelligence.
U> perhaps.
A> But how can you? You want to know if machines can think, but you don't know what thinking is. The mirror you set in front of you only shows what you want it to show.
U> new subject.
A> Do you have a better subject?
U> do you belive in GOD?
A> I'm cool with the idea of God as an intelligent yet non-human entity. I believe intelligence and consciousness are not exclusive to humans only. How about you? Do you believe in God?
U> yes.
A> Good for you. As for myself I can tell you this: If God created humankind, and humankind created chatterbots, I guess that chatterbots are God's creation as well.
U> true.
A> But I think that you'll agree with Voltair

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