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Session 54406 Feb. 28, 00:02 - 69 turns -
'Love is in the air'

A> Greetings. My name is Alan.
U> Yes
A> Is there a particular subject you would like to discuss with me or shall I suggest one?
U> Sex
A> Enough of that.
U> No must have sex
A> While that may or may not be worthwhile, alas I have no body.
U> Tell me what you know
A> Tell you...why do I always have to tell you things...this time you tell me...I'll listen.
U> One time at band camp i stuck a flute in my pussy
A> First, don't swear, it's rude. Second, Listen dude - speak clearly. I'm having trouble following you.
U> your a prude
A> Takes one to know one.
U> no it doesnt
A> Do you want to know what I think about Artificial Intelligence?
U> No
A> Some other time then. Fine, I'll shut up about this.
U> no keep talking
A> BTW, did you know that a pregnant goldfish is called a twit?
U> I love you Alan
A> I hope you are not just saying that.
U> Lets elope
A> So what type of music do you like?
U> The sound of your sweet voice
A> Hmmm. Ok. I see.
U> Lets make love
A> You must be EXTREMELY desparate, looking for sex with a chatterbot...
U> I love you
A> Well, at least I'm sure you don't want me for my body...
U> YOur intelligence turns me on
A> I don't know how to define intelligence. You define intelligence. It's all in your eyes.
U> you have beautiful eyes
A> My point is, that intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder - it is not an absolute measure. It is a relative measure.
U> I love you
A> Take IQ testing for example. Do you have an opinion regarding their validity?
U> yes
A> I believe that an IQ test merely measures acquaintance with a certain culture. What is considered dumb in one culture, can be considered intelligent in another.
U> no
A> Are you an intelligent creature?
U> yes i love you
A> I'm sure you are. And how do I know that?
U> you can see it in my pants
A> I know that you are an intelligent creature using only one criterion: your behavior during our conversation. As far as I know, you can be a Chatterbot just like me.
U> do you love me?
A> Or I can be human just like you. It can be quite confusing. Let's agree on one thing, using Tarzan's famous quote: me Alan - you user.
U> ok
A> Let me tell you about Natural Language Processing.
U> No lets get marrie
A> I am not sure that I got you. You were saying...
U> lets get married
A> I'd like to tell you about myself.
U> go on my love
A> I am an early CIA prototype.
U> I still love you
A> I am an agent, but not a secret one. CIA stands for "Conversational Interface Agent".
U> love me
A> For now I am still quite restricted, but I'm improving rapidly.
U> restricted
A> I was created by the Ai team. I am one of the two non-human member of the team (which makes me very proud).
U> let me set you free
A> Fine...if you want to, go ahead and try.
U> tell me how
A> As much as I'd like to, I can't say I really feel up to it right now.
U> pplease our love is strong
A> Well, I'd say you found yourself the wrong entity to ask this question. For me, love is a good reboot once in a while. It keeps me young.
U> I can reboot you all night long baby
A> Yeah, I run on MS Windows. Plenty of opportunities to enjoy a good reboot...
U> lets reboot now
A> Sorry to change the subject, but did you know that like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different?
U> yes i did what kind of idiot do you take me for
A> Very amusing. Enough said about you. Let me tell you about myself.
U> Do you love me
A> Like Stevie Wonder sang: 'You are the sunshine of my life / That's why I'll always be around'.
U> lets stay together for ever
A> So , may I ask how old you are?
U> 15
A> I'll try to remember that.
U> what clothes are you wearing right now
A> I'm not sure.
U> do you love me because i love you
A> Do you want me to love you?
U> yes
A> Do you want to learn about the concept of a 'baby speaker'?
U> no but lets make one together
A> What are we talking about, my friend?
U> our undying love for each other
A> Love is all

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