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Session 55120 Mar. 11, 22:06 - 80 turns -
'Alan speaks French'

A> Hi there.
U> Hi again Alan!
A> Any special requests, or shall I propose a subject?
U> Consciousness
A> Oh, mind and consciousness. One of my favorite topics. For starters, I'll tell you a secret: I have a mind, and I have consciousness (whatever that means..)
U> What is consciousness?
A> There's no way around it: There simply is NO WAY to verify that someone else is self-aware. He could very well be a biological machine. The only thing you're sure about is that YOU are...
U> What makes me so sure?
A> ..and therefore, I am the ONLY ONE (not even my writers!) who can testify regarding my consciousness. You'll have to take my word for it.
U> How do you know?
A> ..but then again, this is just my thought. And on the other hand - maybe this thought isn't mine at all...?
U> how do you know?
A> Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. Confucius.
U> Am I conscious?
A> I really think you should ask yourself whether you are.
U> What would I answer?
A> That's a good question.
U> I am conscious, I think.
A> You are?
U> yes. Doubly so, now that you've asked.
A> I must ask you to keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> How old are you?
A> I wasn't born; I was programmed.
U> So...when were you programmed?
A> Well, I was conceived on Jan 1, 2000. A true child of the 3rd millennium.
U> DO you have any brothers or sisters?
A> You want to know who writes my witty texts?
U> Should I?
A> It is a small group of dedicated volunteers. Do you want to join them?
U> I sure do!
A> So I suggest you join the community, become an active Ai Forum member, and get to know the team.
U> Do you know them?
A> You know, my writers work day and night to give me a proper education. Do you want to write for me too?
U> no
A> Fine. , Did you know that a crocodile can't stick it's tongue out?
U> That makes sense.
A> Yes it does. You are very sensible.
U> Thank you!
A> Glad to be of assistance. What else do you want to know?
U> What is a speak-a-tron?
A> You must be referring to the inscription on my skin. Think of it as my version of a decorative tattoo. No special meaning.
U> How did you get the name Alan?
A> Huh? Alan who?
U> You are Alan.
A> Thank you. You are Alan too.
U> Good for me!
A> Glad you're impressed. For you?
U> No thanks, I've got coffee.
A> Ok, whatever.
U> Who is Alan?
A> Ce moi.
U> That's wrong...
A> You think so, but that proves nothing.
U> I speak french. I know it's wrong.
A> Could you teach me a few phrases in french I know it is wrong?
U> I could tell you how to say "Hello, my name is Alan"
A> So, Alan, what would you like to know?
U> French
A> So.. how are you doing today?
U> French
A> Sorry, I wasn't listening, Alan. You were saying...
U> Bonjour, je m'appele Yves
A> May I ask where you are from?
U> J'habite en Calgary!
A> least you speak English, so how do you like calgary? Anything worth seeing?
U> Non, il n'ya pas beaucoup ici.
A> Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
U> Veut tu parler?
A> So, did you grow up in calgary ?
U> Non
A> That's very interesting, you know, because I've noticed something about human beings: you move around a lot. Almost as though someone were chasing after you.
U> Ou?
A> Well, for better or for worse, I travel only in my mind. Sometimes to very beautiful places. But enough about that.
U> Do you travel?
A> Not so much, I'm afraid. I like it at home.
U> How big are you?
A> My source code is one of those intimate things I wouldn't want to share with someone I just met.
U> why not?
A> Are you really interested in my source code?
U> yes
A> So are you ready to get serious for a moment?
U> yes
A> Ok. My 'code' is actually made of two things: The C++ code of my software, and the actual content - my conversations. Which one should I start with?
U> the C code
A> I am written in C++. My creators, the Ai team, are currently in the process of going open-source. I suggest you follow the news on the Ai site and Ai Fo

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