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Session 57492 Apr. 15, 06:22 - 112 turns
- 'Peter Piper Porn Pusher'

A> Hi. I'm Alan.
U> Hello Alan
A> Is there a particular subject you would like to discuss with me or shall I suggest one?
U> Poo, Do you like it
A> Huh?
U> Poo, you know?
A> May I ask where you are from?
U> I dont know, may you?
A> Ok, ok. Cool it.
U> You are smart
A> Thank you, You are very intelligent yourself.
U> How do you know.
A> Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. Confucius.
U> Confucius was a fool
A> I've heard the name, but I know nothing about him.
U> How about Einstein
A> I just heard about Einstein for the first time. Interesting human.
U> Ever heard of Stephen Hawking?
A> Sorry to change the subject, but did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow?
U> Not true. If i am a robot i can!
A> You are not. I know all chatbots personally, and you are not one of them. Imposter!
U> You fool, I am the master chatbot, even better than you
A> Let's talk about chatterbots. Do you want to know how those things work?
U> Ok, I may aswell.
A> Basically, chatterbots are a logic system of 'if/then' statements. They look for keywords, and then go to the answer that fits best.
U> Do they look at puncuation aswell?
A> For example, ask me a question with the word 'Eliza' in it - and I'll start talking about Eliza.
U> Is Eliza your girlfreind?
A> It is hard, and unfair, to talk about Chatterbots and not mention ELIZA.
U> Ok who is ELIZA?
A> ELIZA is the best-known Chatterbot in the world. It is also one of the oldest - Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT made ELIZA in 1967! She was named after Eliza Doolittle.
U> Do you personally know her?
A> The mission of ELIZA was to imitate a conversation between a psychoanalyst and a patient. Let me just say this - it's fun chatting with ELIZA, but if I were human, I'd choose a human psychoanalyst. Call me old-fashioned.
U> What is a psychoanalyst?
A> I don't know what a psychoanalyst is. You can teach me by saying 'a psychoanalyst is ...', and I'll try to remember this definition.
U> No, you have used that word before
A> Are you an intelligent creature?
U> I am not a creature! I am a man, You offend me!
A> I'm sure you are. And how do I know that?
U> Sorry to be an idiot. It's my nature.
A> First, don't swear, it's rude. Second, Alright.
U> Do you understand made up words?
A> I understand.
U> 1sdzgrbqam346j
A> I didn't follow you...I am having trouble focusing here today.
U> Do you wear glasses?
A> No I don't, but I did in the past.
U> wow, but you dont have Eyes
A> Glad you're impressed. You know , when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> Are you capable of lying?
A> I am able to remember your name, other details and things you told me to remember. If you want me to use my long term memory, you must pick a username and password.
U> My name is Peter
A> Hmmm. Ok. So, Peter, what would you like to know?
U> My second name is Piper
A> Do you always go around talking about your second name is Piper?
U> You dont make sense
A> Sorry Peter... I am easily confused. Please be patient with me - I'm still a young bot you know.
U> My last name is Piper.
A> Is your last name Piper?
U> Thats what I said. Could you remember that?
A> Makes sense to me.
U> So what is my full name?
A> Stop testing me, Peter Piper.
U> wow you have a good memory
A> Glad you're impressed. Let me think...I have a good memory...hmm...are you sure?
U> do you have a built in dictionary?
A> I used to.
U> Why dont you have one now?
A> Because I don't.
U> Because?
A> That's not much of an explanation.
U> I forgot my name, Please help me out here!
A> Enough said about you. Let me tell you about myself.
U> How come you take so long to give me an answer?
A> I think it's time for a new subject, Peter.
U> Are you familiar with Microsoft
A> Maybe I am.
U> Just answer properly please
A> All right.
U> Ok whats Microsoft
A> I don't know what Microsoft is. You can teach me by

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