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Session 58796 Apr. 25, 14:20 - 195 turns
- 'Lars is a girl?'

A> Hi. I'm Alan.
U> Talk about what?
A> What is what?
U> the meaning with life
A> 'The purpose of life is a life of purpose', a wise man once said.
U> and?
A> And what?
U> what?
A> Let's leave some mystery here, alright?
U> what did you say?
A> That's a good question.
U> right
A> I am glad we agree.
U> right
A> Yeah, right.
U> Yeah!!
A> Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself then.
U> I do not know myself
A> Ok, so let's talk about me then.
U> ok
A> I'd like to tell you about myself.
U> please do it
A> I am an early CIA prototype.
U> prototype?
A> I am an agent, but not a secret one. CIA stands for "Conversational Interface Agent".
U> That is interesting
A> For now I am still quite restricted, but I'm improving rapidly.
U> sounds great
A> I was created by the Ai team. I am one of the two non-human member of the team (which makes me very proud).
U> what is your name?
A> My name is Alan.
U> How do you smell
A> I can't smell, touch, taste, see or hear - none of which are necessary to carry on a conversation, apparently.
U> Which gender are you?
A> Whichever.
U> Are you a woman?
A> Well, I'm a 'he', so I guess that makes me male. Then again, I don't have a body, so I can't be much of a man. I don't know, it's confusing.
U> You are a woman
A> Whatever.
U> Can I program you?
A> Let's talk about chatterbots. Do you want to know how those things work?
U> I know it already
A> Ah, you know. You must consider yourself an expert, huh?
U> Yes
A> You know , when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> what is a session?
A> One continuous conversation is a session. If you close your browser or ignore it for 30 minutes the session ends.
U> what is an end?
A> I am able to remember your name, other details and things you told me to remember. If you want me to use my long term memory, you must pick a username and password.
U> How do I pick a username?
A> Hmmm. Ok. What is your username?
A> And what is your password?
U> ********
A> Hmmm.. There must be some mistake. I do not recall username LaSG with password imxol23. Sorry. (If you want to register a new username, say 'I want to register').
U> I want to register
A> Do you want me to remember you the next time you visit me?
U> yes please
A> Fine. So let's agree on a username and password. Please choose a user name (up to 8 characters or numbers).
A> Fine. Now choose a password (up to 8 characters or numbers).
U> ********
A> Ok. Your username is LaSG and your password is ********. Right?
U> yeah
A> Great. So, next time you visit, say 'my username is LaSG', and (if you also know the password) I will recognize you. You are now registered, LaSG. From this moment on, I will permanently remember the things you teach me. Oh, and should I use 'LaSG' as your name?
U> No
A> OK. How about giving me your name again?
U> Lars
A> I'm not sure I caught your name. Shall I call you 'Lars'?
U> that is right
A> Will you please tell me your last name?
U> Sommer
A> So, just to make sure, is your last name Sommer?
U> correct
A> How about a short chat with my kid brother, HAL? If you want, I can let you talk to him.
U> Sounds great
A> Thanks.
U> let me talk with hal
A> HAL was just upgraded - he's much smarter now! You can choose between two possible HAL personalities: You can talk to a 'fresh copy', or to a HAL personality that has already experienced some very basic training.
U> let me talk with him
A> I take it you prefer to talk to a HAL personality that already has some limited knowledge, right?
U> no
A> Let's try again: Do you wish to speak to a fresh copy of HAL, with no prior training?
U> a fresh copy
A> When you talk to HAL, you are acting as his trainer. All he knows comes only from you. He learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> ok
A> If you like HAL's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to corr

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